So you’re moving house. Now what?

It’s commonly acknowledged that moving house is one of the most stressful experiences you can put yourself through. From nightmare surveys to ever-shifting completion dates, trying to find your dream home is not always as smooth a process as it appears on the likes of Location, Location, Location.  Once you’ve done the hard work and found your perfect place, planning the move is the next hurdle. Here some great starter tips to ensure your big move goes without a hitch:

Make a realistic budget

Although everyone is aware that buying a house involves a significant financial outlay, you’d be surprised at the number of people who don’t plan properly for outlying costs. From larger-than-expected conveyancing fees to additional specialist surveys, there can be quite a few surprises that mean using a moving cost calculator can be a smart idea. Try to budget for interim expenses in advance – and remember you may have an overlap in bills and additional costs like broadband connection fees to cover – not to mention all the new home accessories you’ll have spotted that become instant must-haves!

Find the right removals experts

A lot of how easy or otherwise your move turns out to be will be down to the professionals you choose to work with on the day, and it’s one area where it doesn’t pay to cut corners. You may think that the DIY option could work, but with van hire costs, the strain of moving bulky items and the need to purchase packing materials it’s often a false economy. Finding reputable local experts like Grange Removals can cut out a lot of heartaches. If you work with a professional firm with a long-standing reputation, they will have seen it all before and be adept at making the removal as seamless as possible – plus if the worst happens and there are any accidental breakages, you’ll be covered by their insurance.

Create a ‘first-night’ kit

Even with the professionals involves, moving house always means a bit of chaos, so don’t underestimate how much hard work moving day can be. It’s not uncommon for completion to happen later on in the afternoon, so you may find yourself in a race against time to get everything into your new place, especially if you’re waiting for the previous owners to move themselves. It’s an excellent idea to create a kit for your first night. You might think you’ll be able to find stuff, but even if you’ve packed well, the last thing you want to be doing is digging through a mound of boxes later at night. Designate one small box or holdall to travel with you and fill it with the absolute essentials – phone chargers, teabags, bottles of water, snacks, scissors and your toothbrush. Also- expert tip – the first action you should take when unpacking is to sort out your bed and bed linen. Just think how good it will be to be able to collapse into bed after a hard day of unpacking and not have to be searching for the pillows at midnight.

Hopefully, with these tips, you can have a positive moving day experience and wake up the next morning ready to start life in your new home!



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