Why Are We Obsessed With Looking Younger?

Look in the mirror or glance at the TV and you’ll be reminded about the ‘horrors’ of ageing.  At the time, it feels as if the whole world is about to collapse because, yes, you’re starting to age. There are thousands of tips on how to fight off wrinkles and stop lines from appearing, but the question is: why? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons society is obsessed with its appearance.

The Media

Not to lay everything at their door, but the media doesn’t make it straightforward for women. Every time someone glances at a newspaper or an online magazine, there is a picture of a stunning girl. Straight away, this makes us feel as if we have to live up to their image. It doesn’t matter that they have an army of stylists and advisors to make sure there is never a stray hair – we have to obtain the unobtainable. Plus, take down pieces about gorgeous models looking “average” compounds things. How do we win if they’re having an off day?!


There’s no doubt staying younger for longer is possible today. Ten years ago, there wasn’t the same technology which could remove fat or make hair grow again. Even men invest more in their looks thanks to comprehensive procedures. Find out more at SculptureClinic.com.au. Because we can play God, we are happy to try the latest creams and surgeries in the vain hope it will work. Also, with wages at an all-time high relatively, they aren’t out of our price range so we are happy to splash out. The vicious cycle continues.

What It Represents

Wrinkles aren’t only about how we look. Okay, it’s an essential factor in a materialistic world, yet it isn’t the only reason. Ageing is a sign that we’re getting old and death is only around the corner. As morbid as it sounds, people hate the thought of graduating their twenties into their thirties, forties and fifties. Being young is supposed to be the best time of our lives, so anything else is going to be a dud. Millennials feel it as much as anybody because of their fear of commitment. Ageing means taking on new responsibilities and it’s a frightening prospect.

The Effects

Adverts bombard us with the pros of looking younger. “Try this cream and you can be like this stunning woman,” they say. “Pop this pill and your sex life will be ten times better,” they promise. Or, “adopt this routine and you’ll find perfection,” they guarantee. The reality is the benefits aren’t all they are cracked up to be, and they coincidentally ignore the negatives. Check them out at psychologytoday.com. In a world where we strive for perfection, there is no bigger fight than the one against Mother Nature herself.

Hopefully, we will change as a culture soon. But, for now, an obsession with looking younger is our reality.


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