Wedding Stress? Avoid Becoming Bridezilla!

Planning a wedding is inevitably going to be stressful. But, that doesn’t mean you have to turn into bridezilla. We’ve all heard horror stories about brides that have made their bridesmaids go on diets or dye their hair a certain colour to complement the dresses. If you’re thinking about asking your wedding party to do crazy things so you can put on a good show, you may want to think twice before you ask. Here are some ways you can keep yourself in check during the wedding madness.

Remember What It’s About

The day you’re planning is all about you and your partner and the love you have for each other. It isn’t about wowing your guests and putting on the best event since George Clooney got married in Italy. Even if you’re married in Venice with Vittore Buzzi, you won’t be the first bride to have got caught up in the planning and you won’t be the first to want to give their guests a day that they’ll remember. But, what you mustn’t forget is that for you and your partner, this is just the beginning. It’s a life-long commitment and you need to focus on your relationship more than anything else.

The Details

Sometimes, creating a beautiful wedding is all in the details. The flowers, the cake, the table décor and every other detail that goes into it. But, when it comes to the day, you can’t be the bride and the wedding organiser. If something isn’t perfect, you just have to let it go and enjoy yourself. It’s also worth remembering that your guests are unlikely to notice the small imperfections that may drive you to distraction. It’s just one day, and although many people will tell you it’s supposed to be the best day of your life, it won’t be. There are many more adventures to come.


If you’re getting overwhelmed while planning your wedding, other people are more likely to see it than you are. If the people close to you are trying to tell you that you need to take a breather and readjust your perspective, it’s best you listen to them. Planning a wedding can be all consuming and sometimes it’s difficult to get out of that boxed vision. Take a few breaks in between planning so you don’t go over the top.

Know Your Limits

Knowing your limits can help you to avoid becoming the nightmare bridezilla that everyone dreads. You’ll need to recognise your personal limits and be able to stop yourself when you sense that you’re reaching them. For example, limit yourself to two hours if you’re making your own favours. You’ll also need to limit yourself financially. Everyone has a budget and it’s important you stick to it. Make a list of your priorities before you start spending. For example, you don’t need to prioritise entertainment. A few good drinks and some music and your guests will entertain themselves.

Don’t Throw Tantrums

Things will go wrong. It’s part and parcel of planning any big event. Nothing like a wedding will ever be entirely perfect. So, as the planning progresses and you come across problems, it can be overwhelming. It’s especially true for a bride because everyone will direct their questions at you. When something goes wrong, take a deep breath and figure out a solution. Don’t throw a tantrum! If you’re caught having a wobbly moment, you may come across as a bridezilla to others. Take five minutes to calm down and address the problem when you feel better.

Don’t Compete

It’s likely that you’re not the only bride in town. In fact, many brides find that other couples get engaged around the same time. There must be something in the water. It’s natural for you to want your wedding to be unique and for guests to enjoy themselves, but don’t get caught up in competing with others. A competitive bride has to have the best of everything, but she becomes so absorbed by doing better than everyone else that she forgets why she’s doing it in the first place. Don’t become her!

Remember Your Fiancé

Planning a wedding is one big distraction, but don’t let it distract you from the person who matters most in this. Be sure to spend quality time with your partner in the lead up to the wedding. Listen to his opinions and likes or dislikes. Many men don’t care much about having a say, but it’s his day too, so make sure he has a voice.


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