Wedding Nightmares We All Dread And How To Avoid Them

A wedding isn’t supposed to be full of nightmares, but there’s definitely a few things out there that can cause one or two. You’ll have planned everything down to the last detail, but there are definitely going to be a few things that you might not have considered, or that you may have missed off. We’re here to shed the light on a few of them so that you’re prepared in advance. Read on to find out more.

Out Of Money

This is not something all people account for, but it is really worrying when it does happen. It is no secret that weddings are an expensive affair at the best of times. But when you have a vision of what you’d like to be included, you tend to go all out to put it in your wedding day. But there are ways of making the money situation easier for you. Personal unsecured loans will give you that little boost of money you need to give you that dream wedding. If this doesn’t sound appealing to you, then cutting costs and planning in advance is going to help you out. When you first get engaged, plan out exactly what you want in your wedding, down to a T. Then get quotes for absolutely everything until you’ve got a total of what the wedding will cost. You can then book the wedding with enough time to allow yourself to save. Cut costs by trying to get discounts on items such as your dress or the cake.

Family Feuds

This is a nightmare just waiting to happen at a wedding, but you can prevent it. There’s always someone who doesn’t get along with another family member. It can quickly make things awkward, even when they’re at a day that’s meant to be all about you. Countless weddings have been ruined by family feuds. But if you sit them in the right places this issue should go. Make sure everyone is mixed up so everyone can mingle. But anyone who you know isn’t going to get along, well make sure they’re at the opposite side of the room all night. It might also be worth chatting to the family members involved and letting them know you’re a bit worried that your big day might be ruined.

Dress Issues

This truly is every girls nightmare. The dress is probably one of the most important parts of the day. You want to look and feel glamorous no matter what. But on the day if there’s something wrong with the dress there’s nothing you can do to sort it. Make sure you inspect the dress a couple of days before, and keeping it zipped up in the bag it comes with to protect it. Around two weeks before the wedding you should be trying on the dress to make sure it still fits. That will leave you with enough time to make any adjustments. Make sure you’re eating a steady diet after any adjustments so you know that the dress will 100% fit on the day.


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