Wedding Abroad? Why A Destination Wedding Could Be The Ideal Choice

You have just been proposed to. You are in that magical bubble of excitement and apprehension. You can’t wait to start wedding planning. You buy the magazines; you research on the internet. You think you know what you want and then suddenly it begins to become rather difficult. Perhaps family are getting involved. Making demands or having expectations of their own. Maybe your budget is smaller than you anticipated. Perhaps the whole traditional thing isn’t floating your boat. Then considering a wedding abroad could be the answer to all the drama. There are many advantages to the bride for considering a wedding abroad. Here’s why it could just be the best decision you ever make.

A reduced guest list

The guest list can be determined one of two ways. You either want a small intimate affair where it is your closest family and friends. Or it will be decided by who wants to pay to come aboard to see you get married. It can be as simple as that. For you as the bride, this means you don’t have to worry about who to invite and who not to. The decision is taken out of your hands. The important people will make that effort to be there. If you are concerned by it, just throw a party when you get home for anyone who couldn’t make it. All you have to do is invite the ones you would like to be there, and that would be that.

You get to wear your wedding dress twice

Who would say no to that? Wedding dresses these days can cost a fair bit of money. So giving yourself the opportunity to wear it twice would be a dream come true, right? When it comes to weddings abroad, many couples decide to throw a party of celebration at home. For the guests who didn’t manage to make it to your big day. So it presents the perfect opportunity to wear the dress again and relive all those wonderful memories.

Someone else can help with the planning

A wedding planner may be a little extravagant if you were having a wedding at home, but actually, a wedding abroad kind of needs one. Depending on where you marry there may be paperwork that needs filling in, things that need doing, and of course, you can’t be there 100% of the time. For example, if you were after a Tuscan themed wedding then specialists can help create that in the region, without you worrying about endless flights there. It could be the ideal scenario.

Think of the photographs

The likelihood is that you are choosing a destination that is picturesque. Whether that be in a sunnier climate or a beautiful winter scene. You will be guaranteed some epic photographs to remember your day.

It’s all about you

Finally, choosing a wedding abroad means you are doing something that both you and your partner would like. Your day is becoming about you as a couple and not about being a compromise as to what would suit others. At the end of the day, that is what it is all about.



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