Ways To Wow Your Evening Wedding Guests

So, you’ve chosen the dress, finalised the invite list, checked out a venue and even started writing our things to include in your vows. But with more and more brides now opting to have a relatively low key ceremony with smaller numbers and a bigger evening celebration, how can you make sure that your wedding party has the wow factor for your guests at night? From the touches event planners favour, to adding a personal spin on proceedings, here are some suggestions for ensuring your reception is talked about for a long time to come…

Go Bold With Displays

You may have wanted to keep it subtle and classic for the wedding ceremony itself, but for the party at night? You need to go a little bolder with your decorations for great impact. From oversized floral displays to giant birdcages, dramatic candelabra to themed accessories – think large lifesaving rings for a beach theme or a huge card display at an Alice In Wonderland themed wedding – your evening decor is your chance to set the tone for an unforgettable evening. Appointing a prop hire company is a great place to start.

Create a Themed Bar

What better way to invite your loved ones to celebrate at let loose than by creating a great bar area. You can create a personalised wedding cocktail by combining spirits and gastronomical elements which reflect your personalities or hire in some mixologist to create custom creations and add flaring skills. Or why not create a special pop-up bar serving tequila shots and margaritas or Hennessy for Weddings? Then every time your guests have that drink in future, they can toast your happiness.

Take Extra Care Of Your Guests

Your wedding guests are the most important people in your lives, and the evening celebration is all about making them welcome and comfortable. If you’re planning a boozy evening how about putting together cute little hangover kits with a bottle of water, aspirin, rehydration Salts and a pair of shades to help them recover the next day? Or set our a basket of flip-flops so that female guests can ease their aching feet and slip their heels off to dance. If you’re planning to go outside for a firework display,  bring in a pile of blankets so guests don’t get cold. Or stock up the restrooms with nice aftershave and perfume, lotions and hair straighteners so guests can touch up at the party. Simple touches will really make them feel appreciated and ensure they are having a great time.

Plan Some Late Night Treats

When people have been drinking, they get hungry, especially if dinner was hours ago. To stop guests sneaking off to the nearest takeaway, plan some late night treats to keep their energy up. From freshly baked chocolate chip cookies to a taco stands or even an ice cream bar with lots of toppings – serve up a little treat to keep the party going.


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