Venice for Music Lovers – a Few Suggestions

If you enjoy the arts and music, Venice is a wonderful destination. Over the centuries, the city has been home to many important families.

They appreciated and could afford the finer things in life. As a result, many of the city´s powerful families supported performers and artists as a way of attracting them to Venice. As a result, today, the city has a rich and vibrant performing arts scene. If you are a music lover this stunning city is definitely well worth visiting.

Operatic performances

When it comes to Opera Tickets Venice is the place to find them. Despite being a relatively small city, four traditional opera houses regularly play host to performances. Plus, there are three more located nearby on the mainland. So, it really does not matter what style of opera you like, it is not hard to enjoy it in Venice.

However, because the city gets so many visitors, tickets tend to sell out fast. So, buying them in advance is a sensible precaution to take. This is especially the case if you are lucky enough to be staying in Venice when the La Fenice opera company performs in the Piazza San Marco.

Classical music in Venice

As you would expect, classical music is still very popular in Venice. The city´s talented musicians regularly perform in interesting venues like St. Mary of the Friars ( ‘i Frari’). If you get the chance, you really should attend one of the organ recitals that are held in this beautiful church. There is something almost un-worldly about the acoustics and the way the organ sounds when it is played by a talented musician.

Connect with Vivaldi

The great composer Vivaldi was born in the city. So, as you would expect his music is loved, with a passion, here.

In fact, the Ensemble Antonio Vivaldi plays only his music. If you enjoy Vivaldi´s compositions you really should take the time to experience one of their performances. They regularly perform in one of Venice’s oldest churches, the San Giacomo di Rialto.

Experience Baroque music

If you are looking for something a bit different, head towards the city’s old prison. Most weeks, the Collegium Ducale Orchestra performs baroque music, there.

Choral music

In Venice there are several choirs of note. Most of them still perform regularly in the city’s churches. The good news is that there is no fee to pay. All you need to do is to turn up at the right time and quietly listen. It is a lovely informal way to enjoy some very special performances. The Santa Maria Formosa is the place to go for choral music. Local orchestras also perform there, often, alongside international choirs.

Jazzy Venice

Jazz gets under the skin of people across the globe and Venice is no exception. The city is home to several great jazz clubs, of which the aptly named Venice Jazz Club is the go to venue. It is quite out of the way and you cannot always rely on having a strong mobile phone signal, in the area. So, it is wise to locate it on a paper map and carry that with you should you decide to go there.

The above suggestions really are only the tip of the iceberg. Venice has a thriving and growing music scene. So, when you visit keep your eye out for flyers and posters advertising small live music events and venues. It is a very good way to enjoy your evenings, while staying in the city.


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