The Most Valuable Home Improvements

When it comes to fixing up your house, we can go all out, or simply add another touch of paint to our living room walls. If it looks good, it feels good, and that feeling is universal to homeowner, guest, and prospective buyer alike. Any home improvement is going to add some value to your house these days, but some are better than others for this purpose alone. If you’re planning just to max out your market potential, whilst getting some good use out of the space at the same time, here’s some of the best ideas for your home renovation projects.

Install a Conservatory

Most people who decide to add an extension onto their house in the form of a conservatory agree that it has the most return on their investment compared to any other project. It can usually turn over an extra $5000 or more on most real estate markets.  

If you need some extra ideas for something like this, read a home reno ebook in your spare 5 or 10 minutes before bed to brush up on your skills and all the little know-how tips that can make a conservatory extension safe, energy saving, and ready to last against the most extreme weather conditions.

Plant in Your Garden

Garden landscapes are one of the biggest exterior challenges you can come across, and there’s so much creative freedom to get on with. Having a fancy garden outside your backdoor, with a good lawn area, edging onto some patio, and creeper plants kept neatly trimmed can add an average of about $3500 more onto the value of your property.

Depending on how big you go out, having a garden that’s trimmed and kept clean is the main way you can garner a little more interest for value on your house. When it comes to mowing the lawn, or digging up some weeds, don’t forget the front lawn if you have one, as that’s the first thing a person can see when they rock up outside.

Scape Your Exterior

The front of your house is the gateway to your world, and if this looks bad, so do you! Scaping an exterior mainly applies to the look of the outside of your property, and if you own your house, or are in the middle of paying it off, you have a monopoly on home design.

Keep your windows clean and away from any grimy glass, and apply some white gloss to your window panes when you see them get a little off color. Make sure you check out your roof as well, as any tiles that have chipped or fallen off can put off potential buyers, and can also be a safety hazard for anyone living in the house (aka you!).

If you feel you have the money to add one some of these extensions or landscaping elements, block out a weekend or two and get stuck in. They can be a great hobby for your spare time and aesthetic efforts.


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