Turn Your Bedroom Into A Relaxing Retreat

Our home should be a relaxing and refreshing place to come after a long day or week in the office. It should be a calming retreat for you and your family to enjoy each other’s company and entertain friends. Arguably, the most important room in your home is your bedroom. It is where you spend at least a third of each day, and needs to be the most relaxing place in your home.

Dress Down The Design

Your bedroom isn’t like other rooms in your home, it is there for you to relax at the end of the day. Because of this, try to stick to white or light pastel colours to make the room feel relaxing and calm. Stay neutral and try not to go overboard with the features you have in the room. Why not opt for fitted wardrobes to add space to the room and make it as uncluttered as you can.

Clean Up Your Vanity

If you are into makeup and beauty, you’ll probably be familiar with having tens of products scattered over your surfaces at all times. This makes your room look messy and stops you from being able to fully relax. Instead, buy a vanity with drawer space and hide all of your products from view. It will create space and make the room feel more like a sanctuary.

Add A Large Mirror

Mirrors are the simplest way to make a small room feel much bigger than it really is. A mirror will also reflect the light walls in your room and make it feel even brighter.

Get Comfy Bedding

The most important part of the bedroom is the bed. You want to be able to get in bed at the end of the night and feel as if you are lying on a cloud. Investing in good bedding and pillows to make your sleeping experience so much better. Versace bedding such as sheets, linens and quilt covers can give you that extra comfort you need to drift off right away.

Add Cushions And Throws

Soft furnishings are a designer’s best friend, and if you want to add a splash of colour to your neutral scheme- opt for patterned cushions and a colourful throw for the bed. There are always amazing designs out therefore you to buy for your bedroom- particularly in the autumn and winter.

Fairy Lights and Candles

The ultimate way to create beautiful ambience and make the most of soft lighting is to add some candles and fairy lights into the room. Fairy lights are delicate and add a touch of magic to your bedroom, and candles will not only provide light and heat, but make the room smell amazing too.

Add A Juliet Balcony

Finally, if you want to add an air of luxury to your relaxing retreat; add a Juliet balcony. Unlike having a full balcony built onto the side of your home, a Juliet balcony is a cheaper alternative and lets you enjoy beautiful views and fresh air without having to pay for scaffolding on your house.


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