Travel The World With These International Decor Tips

Feel like you’ve been getting bored of your home’s decor? It could very well be time for a change. If none of the interior trends from Britain gets you excited, why not start to look a bit further afield? In fact, some interior trends and ideas from other countries might be the ones that inspire you to create your next interior design. Here are some that you might like to try in your home.

Hawaii: A Tropical Garden

When you think of Hawaii, what do you think of? I’m sure you instantly conjure up an image of a tropical paradise in your head. Well, it’s possible to bring this image into your outdoor space, even if it does rain the majority of the time over here! You just need to add some really vibrant and colourful plants that will make you think you are on a tropical island next time you step out into your garden. So, go for plants such as red hibiscus and decorate with lots of island features, like seashells and wicker furniture.

Denmark: Plenty Of Hygge In The Living Room

You will have no doubt already heard about the hygge trend. It blew up in popularity last winter, and it is set to continue to be popular through this winter as well. It basically means that you need to make your rooms as comfortable as possible. You can do this by investing in unique furniture, such as chunky sofas and sophisticated armchairs. It’s also a good idea to bring in a few throws and blankets so that you can get snuggled up on cold evenings! When it comes to colours and tones, go for warm ones that are comforting and not too vibrant.

France: A Country-Style Kitchen

France is known for its sumptuous country kitchens that you find in it Province region. These are really easy to recreate, even if you live right in the centre of a town or city. You just need to bring in some ceramic pots and crockery, so that your kitchen gets a nice homely touch. Using lots of natural wooden furniture will also help you achieve this style as well. When you are painting the walls, remember to stick to warm colours, especially earth tones.

Japan: A Minimalist Bedroom

When it comes to Japanese interiors, they are often very minimal. You won’t notice any clutter or mess when you walk into a Japanese household! And this is something that you should think about when you are designing your bedroom. After all, you should view your bedroom as a sanctuary in which you can relax and chill out. And if you have to constantly clean up after yourself in it, you won’t get much rest! It’s also a good idea to apply some feng shui practices in your bedroom, as some people believe that these can help to improve your sleep habits and help you get a better night’s sleep.

So, which country do you want your interior design to take you to?


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