Top Tips On Revamping Your Home For 2019

I know, I know, we’re not even in December yet and I am looking into 2019. I have found however that it is extremely beneficial to be prepared when it comes to your home, and your interiors. You don’t need to invest thousands and thousands to get your home into tip top shape, and in a way that you really love. From adding new bits of furniture or accessories, or even giving your walls a lick of paint, and more, there are lots of things you can do to revamp your home, both this season, and next.
Give Your House A Spring Clean
Before you even think about moving furniture, buying new furniture, or even painting walls, the first step is to give your home a bit of a spruce. Thanks to the likes of Mrs Hinch, we’ve all gone cleaning mad, and while there is definitely some discussions we need to highlight based on plastic consumption, I personally think that it can only be a good thing if more people are giving their homes a good scrub. It isn’t just externally though that you need to make sure everything is ticking along nicely, it’s internal too. Maintenance of electrical points is so important, and an electrician can ensure everything is clean, and safe. Make sure you also check your fire alarms and any gas detectors are working well also. Perhaps you have a dodgy boiler in need of a spring clean (or a replacement), then hire a plumber and be safe in the knowledge that your house is cleaned from the foundations up. Things like upgrading your windows from single glazing to double glazing is always a bonus, and making sure any central heating problems are dealt with early on ensures there are no nasty surprises moving forward.
Out With The Old
Following on from the Spring Clean, you should most definitely sort out wardrobes, cupboards and even lofts to declutter your home. You may even stumble upon a forgotten gem, whether it be an item of clothing, or vintage homeware that’s having a resurgence. It’s good for the soul to detox the home, and it’s also been known to create a calmer, less stressful environment if things are less chaotic and more organised.
Hit Pinterest For Inspiration
Ok, so first thing’s first, before you start any kind of project, what do you need? Inspiration of course!! You can get inspiration from many social media outlets of course, but none quite as good as Pinterest. It is the Mecca of home inspiration, with people pinning images of new furniture, DIY projects, upcycling and so much more. Want to know how to change a coffee table into a chic snug bench? Pinterest! Want to know how to create the illusion of more space with cleverly placed mirrors? Pinterest. It is the first place I go to put all of my inspiration into one place- I am a big, big fan of the secret board option and have several.
Head To The Bargain Stores
I know that there are so many influencers out there that are promoting and showcasing premium paint or sofas worth thousands of pounds, but just like in fashion, there is high end ‘designer’ products, and the highstreet stores that get the trickle down products. The trickle down effect is when a designer showcases something in their collection, and it makes it’s way (or trickles) down into the highstreet. So things like Pantone colours of the year become predominant in these situations, with a designer first revealing, say, burnt orange, and suddenly your fave highstreet store has burnt orange everything. It is not a coincidence but it is an absolute life saver on the budgets! My favourite places are Homesense, The Range, B&M, Primark Home and even supermarkets like Asda have some fabulous homeware collections!
Individual Room Ambiance
I am a BIG fan of candles, reed diffusers, pot pourri and lovely scented air freshners. My favourite go-to scents are things like vanilla, cinnamon, apple or rich sweet smells. I normally have several candles burning at any given time and the mixture of smells is so delicious. Also, nowdays, candles don’t just smell good, they LOOK good. Candles in glass sweet jars, or metallic holders, easily sit within your current home décor. You can get reed diffusers in all manner of different colours to match your accessories, and they look pretty.
What things will you do to revamp your home in 2019?

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