Top Home Trend : Engineered Wooden Flooring

Engineered wooden flooring is a really versatile and convenient option. It is well suited to the lifestyle of many families and it is actually made by combining lots of different layers of woods. The core of the wood is really stable and it won’t expand or contract like standard wooden flooring would. This essentially means that it can be used in areas where conventional flooring couldn’t, such as in the bathroom!

Engineered Flooring Grades

Different engineered flooring types are split up into different grades. When the wood is lumbered, it is grouped depending on how many knots there are and even the size of the knots as well. It is also grouped depending on the consistency of the colour, and the overall sap content. In short, you have prime, select, rustic and natural. If you want the best of the best, and nothing less, then you’ll want to go for the prime grade option. This will only have a couple of small knots and it will have a very consistent level of colour as well. It also won’t have much sap. If you want to save money then rustic would be the way to go, as this is likely to contain a lot of sap.

That doesn’t mean that rustic flooring is bad, because it is anything but. Some homes suit having rustic flooring far more when compared to prime, so it really does depend on what you’re looking for and the overall cost you’re willing to pay.

Fitting system

Engineered wood floors are made to work perfectly with the groove and tongue system. Each side has a tongue and a groove, which fits perfectly into the next piece of wood. They fit together snugly and you can even fit it yourself if you’re feeling crafty!

Species of Wood

A lot of engineered wooden flooring options come with a solid oak lamella. This means that it looks like solid wood but it has all of the characteristics of oak flooring. The Hardwood Floor Store can explain all of this to you, but in short, it’s strong, incredibly hard wearing and it is super durable when installed.


Another great feature of engineered boards is that you can have them as wide, or as long as you’d like! There are so many options available. If you have a long and narrow room then it may be a good idea for you to opt for long and narrow boards. When you do this, you’ll quickly find that you can make the room feel much bigger! When you have a very open room, you can opt for wider boards and this will help the floor to compliment the room perfectly and without any additional decoration needed.

All in all, oak-inspired floorings or even engineered floors are ideal for any home. They are available in a huge range of pricing options and there are so many different colours available as well. If you want to save money then one thing that you can do is try and install the flooring yourself. You may only need minor help when you get to the edges, but the bulk of it can be done even if you don’t have any extensive DIY experience. That’s just one of the many wonderful benefits that come with engineered wooden flooring!


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