Top Design Tips To Increase The Appeal Of Your Kitchen

There is something incredible about a kitchen space when it’s been designed right. Where people naturally congregate, if you can find the right marriage between practicality and being sociable, you’ve mastered it. While they have to remain areas that are workable with clean, large surfaces, plenty of storage and easy access to the essential fixtures for whoever is cooking, they should be inviting and comfortable places too.

That, though, isn’t a balance that everybody is able to strike, and it’s a shame. Tired kitchens that feel unappealing and don’t encourage cooking and frivolity take so much away from a home, but that can be fixed with the right adjustments. So if you’re wanting to transform your kitchen from the abandoned room in the corner of the house to the new centre of attention, here are some easy first steps that could set you on the right path.

Say No To Carpet

Carpeted kitchens – much like carpeted bathrooms – are a crime. Not only is it completely unhygienic to the point it can make you ill, it’s not even remotely practical, either. Where you’re preparing food, spillages will occasionally occur, and a carpet will not only stain and begin to look unappealing extremely quickly, but it will also retain smell and stickiness for far longer than other surfaces.

It can be expensive to put down hard wood floors, proper laminate or even stone – especially if you’re considering underfloor heating – but at the very least a high-quality linoleum should be considered. Not only do they look and feel far more appealing than carpet, they’re far more practical and easier to live with.

Swap Your Curtains For Blinds

In much the same way as a carpet would, curtains can harbour stains, smells and allergens for far longer than you’d like them to, so they don’t really belong in the kitchen. The best alternative is a high-quality blind in a material that isn’t susceptible to those drawbacks – the wooden range from Direct Blinds are a perfect example.

Invest In A DAB Radio and Bluetooth Speaker

Designing a space isn’t just about how it looks, but how it feels, too. There’s no point having a lovely kitchen to look at if it’s no fun to be in, so one of the fastest ways to increase the appeal is to add music. These days, a good quality combined DAB digital radio and Bluetooth are extremely affordable, giving you an extremely easy way of giving your home some additional life.


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