Top 5 luxury fragrances to put on your wish list this Christmas

Perfume is one of my absolute favourite things. No matter how I am feeling, what I am doing, where I am going or how I am looking, I ALWAYS put perfume on. I am not one of those girls that has a signature scent. I am one of those girls who has her go to perfumes depending on the occasions however, and have everything from inexpensive high street perfumes for day time, and high end luxury perfumes for the evenings and special occasions. My preferences are either sweet and light, or deep and musky, although I am partial to a fruity number or two depending on the top and base notes! It’s no surprise then that perfume is always on my Christmas list, and below are 5 luxury fragrances that are on my list at the moment:

Tom Ford Black Orchid

The attention is captured by a sensuous blend of Black Truffle and Ylang mingled with fresh Bergamot and delectable Black Currant.
A dramatic signature unfolds with the custom-made TOM FORD BLACK ORCHID blended with dark, tempting florals and rich fruit accords. The heart is deepened with the intoxicating Lotus Wood.
The decadent Noir Gourmand Accord is balanced by Patchouli-incense and Vetiver. Vanilla tears add a fluid creaminess to warm Balsam and smooth Sandalwood.

Top notes: Jasmine, Gardenia, Blackcurrant, Lemon, Bergamot, Mandarin, Tuber
Heart notes: Orchid, Spicy notes, Fruity notes, Lotus
Base notes: Vetiver, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Incense, Amber, Chocolate, Vanille

Creed Royal Princess

Olivier Creed brings to life the early 20th century sketchbooks of his ancestor, Henry Creed II. Inspired by a time when the House of Creed was steeped in fine tailoring, Royal Princess Oud is a captivating, feminine rendition of oud – an olfactory portrait of a scarlet velvet gown.. This fragrance features the signature note of oud, a historical ingredient luxurious and rare, perfectly fitting for a fascinating fragrance.

Top notes: Sicilian Bergamot Rose Sweet Voilet
Heart notes: Jasmin Vanilla Patchouli Iris from Tuscany
Base notes: Benzoin Siam Mysore Sandalwood StyraxOud

Clive Christian X Feminine Edition 

Only rare, exquisite ingredients are woven into Clive Christian’s Original Collection, an emblem of British quality delivering depth and complexity. Bottles are inspired by those of the Crown Perfumery – a favourite of Queen Victoria. Mystique is woven into X – a subtle aphrodisiac, spun from the hues of cashmeran musk and jasmine. Inspired by the passionate relationship between Cleopatra and Marc Anthony, this exotic chypre features an abundance of Egyptian jasmine at its heart. The bergamot perfume, blends mandarin and rhubarb bringing a seductive elegance to the scent that is rounded off with the addition of sensual notes of cashmere and cedarwood.

Top notes: Pineapple, mandarin, rhubarb, ivy, bergamot
Musk, cashmere, French labdanum, vanilla, vetiver, Virginia cedar

Penhaligons Clandestine Clara  

Penhaligon’s has led the way with its tempting range of perfumes since its inception in the late 1860s. Founded by William Henry Penhaligon, a Cornish barber, it wasn’t long before he became the perfumer to Queen Victoria. Portraits is a collection of fragrances that narrates the intrigues of a rogue’s gallery of fictional aristocrats. Penhaligon’s presents to you the unofficial side of Lord George’s dynasty, beginning with – as we have come to know her – Clandestine Clara. And isn’t she a complex creature… A forceful personality, spicy but equally sweet, she has travelled in exotic countries and company – and in her smoky, velvety, woody air you may detect a memory (or three) of his Lordship… (One would certainly never guess the lady also smokes…). She is rebellious, contradictory, independent, unconventional – a woman ahead of her time. But above all, as you will discover, she is a true gourmand, completely delectable (and Lord George would know).

Clandestine Clara is just as spicy as it is sweet with rhum vanilla, cinnamon musk and amberry patchouli notes creating a truly distinctive fragrance.

Chanel Coco Noir

COCO NOIR is the embodiment of a black that reveals femininity. The contemporary expression of a magnetic sensuality told in a modern oriental fragrance with luminous notes. A radical creation. CHANEL has always entrusted black with an essential role: to highlight a woman. COCO NOIR celebrates this paradoxical statement by using a deep black to bring a dazzling femininity to light.

A modern oriental fragrance with luminous notes. As a prelude, a vibrant, sophisticated burst dominated by Bergamot sparks the curiosity. Filled with promises, a generous heart gradually reveals the striking sensuality of Rose and the remarkable note of Geranium Rose Leaf. A magnetic trail centred round Patchouli and Tonka Bean keeps the intrigue alive.


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