Top 3 Skincare & Makeup Trends for AW18

Makeup is an art form to most, and each and every person will have a preferred way of applying it. There should be no clear cut instructions for what makeup to wear, or how to wear it of course, but as is the fashion, there are always trends that you can follow to not only ensure that your makeup is on point, but en vogue too. So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular trends in skincare and makeup for AW18…

Flawless Base

A flawless base is often the holy grail of makeup looks. Too many late nights, a lack of water, smoking or drinking, and more can seriously take its toll on your skin, so makeup that helps to counteract this is always a bonus. To achieve a flawless base, you need to first make sure that your skincare routine takes centre stage. I tend to mix up my routine, from light and refreshing to deep and nourishing. My particular skin is prone to cystic acne, so I have to keep it at bay. Aside from drinking a lot of water, I also like to use several types of products.

My daily routine is cleanse, tone and moisturise with an anti blemish solution in between. My more indulgent routine is to double cleanse, use a face scrub and a mask, then tone, serum, eye cream and moisturiser. It sounds excessive of course but it really does ensure that when I’m popping my makeup on, it looks great and stays all day. The next stage in a flawless base is to make sure you choose a foundation that matches your skin type. Foundations with vitamins or moisturiser infusions are great for dry skin, and you can even get oil free foundations that help to control any blemishes or shine.

Dewy Skin

Who doesn’t love that fresh faced dewy look? It’s always seen on catwalks, and on the high street and there are so many products to choose when opting for this look. Much like a flawless base, this starts with a good skin care routine. Dewy skin however is better when you aren’t layering product upon product on. Some prefer just a touch of concealer and highlight, and some prefer a little more coverage. This is where a good bb cream comes into play. What is bb cream I hear you ask? Well they are like tinted moisturisers times 100.

They should provide hydration, SPF protection and sheer coverage alongside soothing and healing properties – preventing the need for numerous separate products. A few years back there were just a few brands who were marketing the bb cream, and it often just came in 3-4 colours. Now, there’s a whole range of different colours to suit many skin tones, and a bb cream can look fabulous either just used on it’s own, or underneath a heavier foundation.

Bronzed Goddess

I’m not talking about overloading on the bronzer a la 10 years ago or so. I’m not even talking about using endless amounts of fake tan. I’m talking about that just been sun kissed glow that will last all through the Winter. The best base to pair with bronze is a soft dewy one. My favourite bronzers are actually cream, and these are great if you aren’t used to putting it on. With a cream you have slightly more control on the coverage, as you have to build it up slowly. I also like the effect a cream bronzer, and indeed blush can give. It usually isn’t ashy, and will complement that dewy look rather than mask it.

Creams are also great for those who suffer with dry patches on their cheeks- something that a powder can highlight. The general consensus is that bronzer has a slight sheen or shimmer, and a contour is completely matte, so bear this in mind when choosing your colour. It needs to be a little warm, but not too dark for your complexion. Some companies do bronzers in a variation of colours, so you should be able to match your skin tone easily. If you do like a powder, and want a little staying power, you can always layer a little powder over the cream for a stronger colour.


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