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I’m a huge fan of SkinCeuticals, particularly their retinol serum they sent me just over a month ago. I’ve used it on a regular basis since and can honestly say the difference I’ve noticed in my skin is phenomenal. I have combination skin that tends to become dry in harsh weather, so pretty standard really. My problem however is uneven skin tone, and sallow skin. I often suffer with the odd breakout and blemish from time to time too. With the SkinCeuticals serum my skin tone has evened out a lot and it feels and looks so much better, it’s incredible! Although I’m only 24, after 13 years of squinting with glasses and lenses (yes, they definitely are the right prescription, I don’t know why I do it-habit!) I am starting to get lines around my eyes and on my forehead, but the serum has helped immensely with that too.


They also sent me their Ultra Facial Defense which is actually incredible. It too makes me skin feel baby-bum smooth, but with the added protection, it’s a bonus. After all, SPF within cosmetics and makeup are so low, you should always prep your skin with a good defense and I would definitely recommend this one! For the first time EVER, SkinCeuticals are running a national giveaway promotion. Throughout this month, they are giving away a free Ultra Facial Defense SPF50 with each purchase of their award-winning antioxidant serums – Phloretin CF & CE Ferulic!! The serums enhance your skin’s protection to help combat and prevent premature signs of aging, while stimulating collagen production to diminish the appearance of photodamage such as fine lines, wrinkles and brown spots. If you have trouble with fine lines, age spots and everything in between, I’d highly recommend investing in SkinCeuticals. It’s what I like to call a miracle in a bottle.

Stay tuned for my in depth reviews and images of the C E Ferulic treatment.

Love, SjP x


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