The Lush Leicester Easter Preview Blogger’s Event

Last week I popped along to the Lush blogger’s event to see what was on offer over the Easter period. I took one of my fellow Lush lovers, Fiona, as my plus one and met her straight out of work. It was so lovely to see some of the other Leicester bloggers at the event, I just wish I had more time to chat- we were all so excited about the gorgeous smells, sparkling glitter and bubbling bath bombs that were situated around the store.

Lush has long since been one of my favourite destinations for when I want delicious smelling bath and body products and I’ve been shopping there ever since I was 14. A Lush present is almost always under the Christmas tree for me, and I even got my Mum hooked on their products. One of the best products I can ever recommend is “Buffy”. Back in the day (god I feel old) it used to be called “Buffy The Backside Slayer”, and is amazing for cellulite- but also for keratosis pilaris- aka chicken skin.

Not only does the company make lovely products with quirky names, they are extremely eco-conscious. Their products are as natural as they can get, and never tested on animals. They are also involved in a number of charities and movements, and are truly one of the only well known companies in the beauty industry that actively encourage and use recyclable products and alternatives for plastics in their products. Little tidbit- when asking the wonderful people at Lush Leicester what the glitter was made from in their products, they informed me that the majority of their sparkles are made from seaweed!

So anyway, back to the event. We were invited there to view the brand new Easter products. Some old favourites had made a comeback, like the stunning “Golden Egg” bath bomb melt. Made from wild orange and cocoa butter, it smells good enough to eat and will leave you super glittery. You can actually use the glitter as makeup too- bonus points for those who love gold (who doesn’t?!). Stand out pieces were fun Spring inspired products like the “Scrubee” body butter made from cocoa butter, coconut shells, almond and honey and “Which Came First” bath bomb made from Sicilian lemon and grapefruit and features a teeny tiny chick in the middle once the outer bomb melts down!

Half of us stayed downstairs while the other half went upstairs to see how bath bombs are made, and to try their hand at making them! This gave us downstairs a chance to take some gorgeous images of the products, and test some of them out. My friend Fi who is a very talented tattooist showed me a product called “Elbow Grease.” It is made from a blend of hydrating cupuacu and murumuru butters with notes of neroli, ylang ylang and orange flower blossom. Apparently it is perfect for those with tattoos as the balm slides over them and not only soothes them but makes the colour and detail really pop. We also had a closer look at some of the face masks that were in bowls on top of a mound of ice. There were chocolate flavoured ones, and even one with garlic in!

After taking a look at lots of Lush products, and helping ourselves to the flavoured water and yummy vegan crispy cakes that Lush had provided for us, we headed upstairs. There was a table laid out with all manner of concoctions in front of us, and we popped on some latex gloves to get mixing! Once you’ve mixed the right amount of products, the bath bombs are relatively easy to construct, and only take 24 hours to harden. There was also a fun polaroid section, with a background and Easter related cardboard cut outs like chicks, rabbits and daffodils to use in the imagery.

Fi and I had to dash before the event ended, but not before we had a quick shop downstairs and were presented with a fabulous bag of goodies. From bombs to moisturiser, and even mouthwash tablets- yes, mouthwash tablets, we were well and truly spoilt by the Lush Leicester team. I will definitely be back for a “Golden Egg”!

Lush Leicester
11 Gallowtree Gate
Leicester LE1 5AD

*Thank you to Lush who kindly invited me, plus one to their event. This does not affect my opinion on Lush or their products. I will always be open and honest in my reviews or thoughts on companies, brands, events and products.



  1. March 19, 2017 / 11:32 am

    Found your blog on Instagram, so glad I did! Can you believe I’ve never tried anything from Lush? I seriously think I’m missing out!

    • sarahpotter89
      March 21, 2017 / 12:22 pm

      Ahhh welcome and hello 🙂 Oh if you love sweet smelling products and baths, you’re in for a treat with Lush. I love them! x

    • sarahpotter89
      May 19, 2017 / 4:53 pm

      Me too, they smell delicious! xxx

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