The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Moving Home

I’m going to be talking about something that the majority of people will experience in their lifetime. Moving house. It’s so stressful right? I’ve live in seven different places, and have moved back to my Mum’s in between those. My moving history looks like this > childhood home to a new home with my Mum, then to her forever home where she is now. Mum’s house to University and back to Mum’s house. Mum’s house to a house with friends and back to Mum’s house for seven weeks. Mum’s house to a flat with my ex and then back to Mum’s house. Mum’s house to the house I live in now. Exhausting huh? And probably even more exhausting for my Mum who thought she was getting rid of me each time to have me return again ha. (sorry Mum!). You could say then that with all that moving to and fro I’ve picked up some tips along the way to help moving house become a smoother journey.

Enlist Some Friends

Friends are angels aren’t they? You know you have good friends when you can trust them with your secrets, but you know you have incredible friends when you can enlist them into helping you with life milestones like moving out. Friends have helped me to make rational decisions on decluttering my wardrobe and therefore taking less with me to my new home. They have also helped with the heavy lifting and the moving a la the FRIENDS gang when Ross shouts pivot. They have also sorted out a removal van for me which was one less thing to worry about. One thing though when asking friends to help you -try to make your moving party fun with the promise of beer and pizza afterwards! They deserve.

Pack, Label & Pack Again

So, are you the type of person who meticulously makes lists and gets their tasks done weeks and weeks in advance, or are you the kind of person who leaves everything to the very last minute? When it comes to moving, neither of these personalities win. The best way is to be somewhere in the middle of these two. Packing too much too early will result in you not being able to find anything you need for weeks before you move. Leaving it too late will cause you unnecessary stress and this is also where things can easily get lost, or break. Start packing up the nick knacks and things that are just for decoration. Label these and put them away somewhere. Go through your wardrobe and pack your Summer clothes if it is Winter and vice versa. By packing these little bits slowly, it really does make the chore much easier to manage.

Throw Away Anything Old

One of my favourite things about moving is the fact that I uncover things or clothing that I haven’t seen in YEARS. A handful of these things I have used and worn again, but for the most part I have donated to a charity shop, or threw it away if it was rubbish. You don’t need to keep on to things and it makes your load a lot lighter if you do get rid. Adopt a use it or lose it policy. If you use the item from the time you find it to the time you move out, sure, keep it. If not, you haven’t used it for seven years or those 4 weeks you were waiting to move… why have you still got it? BIN IT!

Get In Professional Handy Helpers

Ok, I am a personal believer in enlisted the professionals when it comes to jobs like moving house, landscaping a garden and even doing the deep clean when you’re moving in or out! Removal companies are a god send when it comes to moving, and a lot will go above and beyond to help you settle into your new home. Furniture is much better transported in a larger vehicle than trying to squeeze things into the back of your besties car while you both hang out of the windows so you can see behind you!

One Room At A Time

When it comes to unloading things into your new home, I have found it’s much easier and efficient to concentrate on one room at a time. Several half emptied boxes around your house is much more stressful than carefully unpacking one room’s boxes. Remember to pack things like teabags, toilet roll and the like into a separate bag that you can carry in with you. A sort of moving day hand luggage if you like. That way you don’t need to be scrambling about and half emptying boxes to find your favourite mug.


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