The Ten Essentials You Need On Your Wedding Day

Most of us worry about our wedding day right up to the moment we arrive for the reception! Few of us stop to consider the legal requirements or all those things we’re going to want to have as reminders of the big day. Whether your wedding is big or small, it is certainly going to be the most enormous event of your lives. So whatever you do, make sure you’ve got these ten essentials in place for your big day:

The Bride And Groom

No wedding is going to work without the guests of honour! Make sure you’ve arranged the transportation required to get you both to the venue on time. Double check the times and the destinations the night before. It’s so easy to make a mistake. It might be best to triple check your drivers know which church you’re heading to as well!


Without two witnesses, you cannot become legally married. This isn’t a problem when you’ve invited one hundred people to attend the event. But if you’ve planned a quiet, intimate ceremony, any absences can leave you short of legal witnesses.


Someone has to officiate your wedding to make your marriage legally binding. Of course, any celebrant does far more than that, especially in religious wedding ceremonies. They structure the ceremony and lead the two of you through your vows. If you choose someone from the church or the local authority, they can usually provide a replacement if your first choice was unavailable.


Recording the event is so important, so choose a good wedding photographer. After all, your wedding photos are the ones your kids and your grandkids will most want to see in the future. It’s a reminder of you on the most beautiful day of your life.


Winning it on this most momentous day is not appropriate so don’t try it! Make sure you have written and rehearsed those important and most heartfelt words thoroughly. Your spouse will remember them forever.


The rings may be important to you both as a symbol of your eternal love. Of course, they’re not a legal requirement, and not all couples will choose to exchange rings during the ceremony. Let your officiant know if you’re not exchanging rings.


Many people have a glass of champagne or ‘Dutch Courage’ before getting married. However, you are legally required to be sober for the ceremony! Save the toasts for the toasts.

Shoes, Head Coverings, And Other Appropriate Attire

While there is no legal requirement to wear a gorgeous white bridal gown, you are likely to be required to wear appropriate attire. If you are having a religious wedding ceremony, then you must wear the appropriate head coverings or other garments required by your faith.

Four Walls And A Roof?

In some parts of the UK, it is a legal requirement that you marry in a registered building. Sorry, no beach weddings here! Of course, only the legal part needs to take place indoors. The rest can happen anywhere you like.


Marriage is binding, so it’s important you’re both ready to fully commit to each other for a lifetime. Have a beautiful wedding day!



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