Sustainable Living: Incorporating Wood Into Your Home Decor

Nowadays, most of us want to incorporate sustainability alongside interior design. We’re growing increasingly aware of the negative impact of our use of certain resources on the planet and are thus opting for more natural, long lasting decor over plastic or manmade, disposable and easily replaceable options. So, for now, let’s take a look at wood. This all-natural resource will biodegrade once you’re finished with it and should be able to handle a long stint of service within your home before you even have to consider this anyway. Here are a few ways to incorporate it into your interior decor.

The Fireplace

Let’s start with the fireplace. Sure, the first thing that springs to mind in regards to wood may well be logs for fuel. But you can incorporate wood into your fireplace, regardless of whether it’s a real life, a gas fire, or an illusory myst fireplace. Think of the mantle piece! Every good fireplace has a solid and sturdy mantlepiece above it. The best thing to go for? A heavy, durable piece of solid wood. This gives the fireplace a more traditional and authentic feel. Popular options include beams of oak, as even if these crack in the delivery or fitting process, they still look spot on. Choose a colour that will go well with the rest of your interior design. Many choose Jacobean Oak or Walnut.


A more subtle area for the incorporation of wood into your decor is frames. These can be frames of any sort, from photo frames to the frames on your mirrors. If you don’t yet have any of these things, you can get exactly what you want straight out. Browse wooden picture frames online, or decorative mirrors. If you already have wooden frames but want to change their colour to match larger fixtures (such as the aforementioned wooden mantle piece), you can also purchase varnishes or waxes in different colours to keep everything consistent.


Sure, carpet can be comfy and cosy for the winter. But there’s something so alluring about a good wooden floor. The most sustainable option is perhaps bamboo. Bamboo is extremely fast growing, so harvested forests can be replaced quickly. However, other options are fine as long as you intend to keep them in place for the long term. Solid wood floors were originally used to support the structure of a property, however, nowadays, this is taken care of by concrete. They remain popular for good reason though. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also have thick surface wear, which means they’ll stay in good condition despite years of people walking back and forth on them. This generally also allows them to be sanded and refinished time and time again without significant problems arising. Though they may be tough, you should maintain them as well as possible, varnishing and buffing them regularly alongside usual day-to-day cleaning.

Wood really can make a brilliant addition to your home. Not only is it a more environmentally friendly option than many other types of material, but the end products are visually stunning and will serve you well for years to come.


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