Surviving A Move Into A Dangerous City

At some point in our lives, most of us are going to have to make some compromises about where we live. Whether it’s because you can’t afford the area that you want to live in or you need to be closer to work, you might have to move to an area that is a little more dangerous than you’re used to. It’s a scary experience but it’s unlikely to be quite as bad as you think. If you’re smart, you can keep yourself safe. Before you make the move, read this handy list of ways to protect yourself and your home.

Is It As Dangerous As You Think?

The general consensus is that cities are the most dangerous areas to live and rural areas are much safer. You might prefer to move your family to a more rural area but instead, find yourself having to live in the city. But are you really in more danger? Recent studies show that you might not be. Research shows that the deaths from injury are actually proportionally higher in rural areas than they are in the city. You’ll have better access to medical facilities in the city which reduces your risk of fatal injuries. The main danger that was recorded in rural areas was driving accidents because, although there are fewer cars, people’s driving habits are more dangerous.

Protect Your Home

Even though your new neighborhood might not be quite as scary as you first thought, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precautions. As soon as you move in, install security systems around your house. Just having them there will deter people from trying to break in, and if they do, they’ll be out of there straight away as soon as they hear that alarm. Security cameras are also great protection for your house. You don’t even need to get real ones if you can’t afford it. There are loads of great dummy cameras and even if they don’t do anything, burglars won’t be willing to risk going anywhere near your house. Another great trick is to get a ‘beware of the dog’ sign, even if there isn’t a dog around at all.

Get A Dog

You could just lie about having a dog, but getting one for real is a great way to protect yourself when you’re out of the house. If you’re walking alone at night in a dangerous area, you’re a prime target for muggings. Taking a dog with you when you need to go out is the perfect way to put people off. The dog will make a lot of noise if somebody tries to attack you and there’s always the chance that they might bite so muggers will definitely steer clear.

Know The Area

It’s not very often that you find a city that’s dangerous all over. Most cities are perfectly safe on the whole, with some riskier areas. Knowing where you should and shouldn’t go is the easiest way to stay safe. It’s unlikely that you’ll absolutely need to go to any of the more dangerous streets so you can usually avoid them altogether.

Most of the time, the fears that you’ve got about living in cities come from overblown news stories. As long as you’re smart, you should be safe.


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