Stylish Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Organised

We all dream of a large kitchen in a modern extension with gleaming new appliances, stylish decor and storage space to spare, but that’s not the day to day reality that most of us operate with.

Cramped spaces, awkward cupboards and less than ideal layouts are some of the common problems that we have to deal with. You may be lucky enough to be planning a kitchen makeover, but if you don’t want it to cost the earth, you still have options.

Upgrading your kitchen storage doesn’t have to be too expensive, and it frees up space, streamlines and takes care of clutter. In fact, you can have quite a big impact on a minimal budget. Here are some innovative ideas to try:

Giant Lazy Susan’s

For cupboards that are an awkward shape to reach into, or just aren’t maximising their potential in terms of available space, a giant lazy Susan can be a great way to get the most out of them. The carousel rotates at a spin, meaning that locating the spice you want or that jar of pickles becomes much easier than pulling everything out to find an item hidden at the back. You can fit a lot more in, but it also looks better organised, which is a total win!

Mounted Pot Racks

Saucepans and their lids are notoriously hard to store properly, and a mounted rack can really save a lot of stress when it comes to freeing up space and keeping everything neatly organised. You can even use a mounted rack or tension rods to utilise dead space. For example, if you have a boiler cupboard with a megaflo installation, you can use the space above to add in a mounted pot rack for those pots that you only reach for occasionally.

Adding Extra Shelves

Each cupboard that you have in the kitchen probably isn’t working at maximum capacity. In fact, mounted holders on the inside of cabinet doors can give you so much more space. Strip- mounted caddies are a convenient way to hold supplies that you use all the time and are great for tasks such as holding dishwashing supplies or laundry pods, and having them easily to hand when you need to grab them. Alternatively, some people choose to mount magazine files if there is space, which can hold supplies such as spare sponges and j-cloths.

Contemporary Radiators

Often radiators can be quite bulky, particularly if they’re present in dining rooms and kitchens. A contemporary vertical radiator will ensure that your space is maximised while still keeping your room toasty! Not only are these radiators flatter than their traditional counterpart, but can come in all manner of different colours, and metals. Including fresh white, gunmetal and even bright colours.

Look For Folding Solutions

If you’re really short on space, look for kitchen furniture that can be folded and stowed safely out of the way when not in use. Folding stools are a great idea for providing additional seating when you have guests, and you could even look into a folding table that allows you to host coffee, then tuck it back into a cupboard when you’re done. In this way, you can squeeze a small dining area in that doesn’t take up space when you aren’t using it. You may not think that you have room to socialise and invite guests over, but a few clever solutions mean that you could be hosting that brunch before you know it.



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