Stressbusting A Home Move

Could you pack up everything you know, and everything that you own right now into tiny little boxes? If the answer is no, think a bit more about your home move – that’s exactly what you will have to do when you move from one place to another.

No matter if you are buying or renting, home moves can be stressful for plenty of reasons, mainly because they take so much out of us. There’s a lot to do and it isn’t just packing. Now, you might be moving to bigger and better things, but in the darkest depths of a move, it might not seem worth it. Today, we’ll be sharing some tips and hints to help make your home move easier, so you can get on with the important things – like making your new place look good. At the outset, it can seem like an enormous and impossible task.

Where do you start? Well – when you find out, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief, maybe. It’s right now. It’s never too early to pack, unless you’re going to pack everything away months before a move. Then it is far too early! The best thing to do is to start small and in advance, then you can think big.

Pack with things you won’t be using to start off. Put an empty box down in each room and fill them with things you use the least as the moving day approaches. The pace will gather as time goes on, but at least you’re getting a head start on things.

Don’t just mindlessly chuck things into boxes either. Organise them. Label your boxes clearly, and color code them based on the room that they will be located in upon the move. This makes life easier not just for you, but also future you, when you actually make the move, not to mention the interstate movers you hired. Of course, it also helps to note down the contents in every box, so label them, mark them and number them to stay on top of organization.

You don’t want to rush when you move, so start in advance, even if you are just planning. Planning is just as important as packing in the big scheme of things. Sorting your move out is a good idea, well before hand. Remember to tell all the people that need to know about the move, like your utility providers and the like! It will remove a lot of the stress from all of this and allow to concentrate on plenty of the important things. And there are a lot of those when we move home!

There’s no way to remove all the stress from a home move, but you can make it a lot easier on yourself if you’re committed to planning, preparation and organization. A move that isn’t prepped well is going to cause you more headaches than you need. If there’s one thing that you do not want to take with you on a home move, it’s a headache!



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