How To Stop Yourself From Getting Bored At The Weekend

Those that know me will know that my boyf works a lot of late nights (pub trade!) and I’m quite often left to my own devices. While this can be a bit rubbish at times, it also means that I can concentrate on myself and fill my time with aaaaall the things I want to do- no compromising haha, but quite often I get myself stuck in a little rut. If you are constantly finding yourself getting bored at the weekend or if you are always twiddling your thumbs waiting for something good to come along then you will know how frustrating this can be.

Try and Pamper Yourself

If the weather is bad, then why not pamper yourself? You can try and light some candles and you can also sit down with your favourite beverage as well. You could even get some essential oils and grab a great book. If you have done this and boredom strikes again, why not take things to the next level? Have a manicure done at home. You’ll feel much better for it and it may even help you to feel better about yourself as well. If you have never been good at painting your nails or if you just don’t know how to get the perfect makeup, then this is something that you can practice during your spare time as well so there are plenty of things available.

Draw or Be Creative

Why not use your Sunday to spark some of your long-lost creativity? You could try and draw and you can even practice some of the techniques that are common when creating masterpieces. Nobody starts off being a good drawer but when you spend the time and when you try and practice, you can easily make something that is absolutely stunning. You can then frame this or even make your own frame. This is a great way for you to really do something good with your spare time.

Get Into a New TV Show

There are TV shows being released all the time, and if you don’t watch TV very often then there

is a high chance that you will find something you love. If you don’t have a TV connection or if you are not getting the best picture then Ariel Force can help you with that and this is a great way for you to save money while also giving you the chance to really spend some time with your loved ones.


Are you one of those people who likes to be out of the house? Then why not spend some of your time volunteering? When you do this, you can easily go out there and meet new people, not to mention that you can also do something great with your time. It is a brilliant way for you to get outside without spending money and you may even end up loving it. If you are looking for a job then volunteering is a great way for you to boost your resume and a lot of people will appreciate the time you devote to helping others.



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