SS18 Homeware Trends From Hurn & Hurn

Since getting our house I have been OBSESSED with homeware. Long gone is the day when I would easily drop £100+ in Boots to get my makeup fix, I’m all about that home accessory life now. Ok, I’m totally lying, I now spend my money on both makeup AND homeware. I love a good Pinterest board- although I’m an oddity and keep them all secret, just to curate my ideal home. I also scour through the homeware sections of my favourite supermarkets and high street stores.

Is it any wonder, then, that I fell completely head over heels in love with Hurn & Hurn. Founded in 2012, Hurn & Hurn is an online home and design store with a boutique feel that stocks unique and original homeware, home accessories, lighting and gifts for the modern home and stylish individual. Their motto ‘Discover the Unusual’ describes their philosophy and what you can expect to find. I’ve put together some of my favourite trends that are apparent on their website, all of them can be easily incorporated into your current homeware scheme and palette!


Metallics are my fave still, NGL. So we’ve seen the rise of the rose gold, and it isn’t going away any time soon. The way to breathe life into this trend is to mix and match your metallic. Rose golds, coppers, bronzes, golds, silvers and pewters all come together in a wonderful shimmy array of style. Things like metallic candelabras and tea lights are a great way to introduce the trend.


The botanical trend is one of my FAVOURITE trends. I’m pretty sure I have more cacti and plants in my house than I have pairs of shoes- and I have a LOT of shoes. I still need to get better on tending to my plants, so I do have a mixture of real and artificial dotted around. I’ve also started growing my own herbs and some fruit, veg and flowers and I’m really excited for the Summer. I love terrariums and indoor wall hanging plants, I just think they’re super cool, and you get such an immense sense of pride when your little seeds start growing!


The nautical trend often crops up every few seasons or so, and recently it’s started creeping into other rooms apart from the bathroom. With new fabulous prints and mixed textures, this trend is a fail safe way to update your room in a really quirky and funky way, without being too cliché. Things like gilded metal shells and sea creatures are a far cry from the old seashell macramé look of late.


The rise in Hygge and Lagom has seen a rise in Scandi homewear making a big impact in the interior world. Distinguished by minimalistic designs, simplicity and functionality, the Danish & Scandinavian interior style continues to be popular with its timelessly appealing and inviting aesthetics. Clean lines, subtle understated colours and natural materials such as wood and metal are key elements of Scandinavian design.

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