Sleeping Happy With A Night Time Beauty Routine

The key to sleeping well is having a smile on your face when your head hits the pillow. For me, the best way to achieve this is with a thorough beauty routine before bed. I’ve come up with a few steps you should follow that will ensure you slip into bed feeling refreshed, relaxed, and beautiful.

Have A Quick Shower

Personally, I love showering before bed. It can really make you feel clean and fresh, I just love it. Plus, so long as it’s not a super warm night, you have the bonus of not needing to shower in the morning, which saves you time during your morning beauty routine! I don’t do anything crazy here, just a simple shower will do to cleanse my skin and get ready for bed.

Remove Makeup

It’s never a good idea to go to bed with a full face of makeup. Unless your aim is to wake up with damaged skin that’s full of break outs. Spend time removing all traces of makeup from your face before you move on with the rest of this routine.

Remove Dead Skin

During the day your skin can become very dry, and you end up with some flaky pieces of dead skin lingering around. So, this is the perfect time to remove dead skin by exfoliating with a face scrub. If you do this every night, I advise you buy an exfoliator that’s not too coarse and hard on your skin. Also, be gentle when you exfoliate as you don’t want to harm your skin. There’s no need to be overly aggressive as it won’t lead to cleaner face. Just a light and soft scrub will do.  

Apply A Good Face Cream

Face cream is brilliant when you want to make your skin feel nourished and revitalized before hitting the hay. But, it also benefits you as you sleep and helps you wake up with better skin. I think we’ve all had those days where we wake up, and our skin just feels horrible. Well, get yourself a night cream with anti aging properties, and you can put this feeling to bed – excuse the pun there! A good night cream works while you sleep to keep your skin rested and make you look like a million dollars when you wake up. It really absorbs into your cells overnight, so you see the best effect possible.

Plait Your Hair

This might sound like a weird thing to do every night, but believe me, there’s a method to the madness. Do you wake up with your hair completely tangled up like a pair of headphone wires? If so, you know how annoying it is to brush out the knots every morning. By plaiting your hair, you can keep it tied back and prevent this from happening. Simply undo the plait in the morning and voila, perfect hair with no knots. You don’t need a complex plait, just a simple light one will be sufficient.

Now, you’re ready to lay your head on your pillow feeling very refreshed and relaxed. Your skin feels great, you feel clean, and you know you’ll have a shorter routine in the morning as you already showered and your hair won’t be tangled! All in all, the perfect way to prepare yourself for a long sleep.



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