Simple Ways to Use Cushions in Your Home

Cushions are a great way to add a soft touch to any room, which is perhaps whey women, in particular, love to fill their homes with them. Of course, there is more to cushions that the softness they bring – they’re also comfy, cozy and a great way of adding color and texture to the place.

For whatever reasons, having plenty of cushions around in the home is undoubtedly a good idea, but if you’re unsure what to do with them, check out these simple ways to use cushions in your home:

Sprinkle Them on the Sofa

If you have a sofa, then you need cushions, period. Why? Because not only do cushions help to make your couch even more comfortable than it already is, but they allow you to tweak its design. For example, if you have a gray sofa, adding some cushions in bold, primary colors will create an interesting contrast that really brings the look together. If your couch is bright, then you can tone it down using neutral-coloured cushions. The key is to ensure that you place your cushions in a neat arrangement on the couch or they may end up making it look more messy than cozy.

On the Floor

You might think that putting cushions on the floor will make the place look messy. But in many cultures, it is perfectly normal to use floor cushions and pillows to sit on instead of more structured furniture. So, if you’re looking to create a boho look, why not invest in some pretty cushions from Deconovo along with some more structured floor cushions, and create a more ethnic way of sitting. If you also invest in a low table and you arrange your cushions around it, it will provide you with a much more interesting way of eating. Of course, being down on the floor is also good for adding more sitting space, and if you have kids, it makes it a whole lot more comfortable when you’re down on the ground playing with them.

Brighten Up Your Bed

When it comes to the bed, there are people who hate excessive levels of cushions, because they have to be removed when it gets to bedtime, and there are those who love them because they make the bed seem brighter, plumper and more luxurious. I’m definitely in the latter camp because cushions were quite simply made for beds. They not only add interesting splashes of color and pattern, but they also add layers and texture to the bed, which makes it much more sumptuous and inviting than the average bed, doubly so if you add a few throws, sheets and blankets too. You really can’t have enough layers and textures on your bed!

In the Garden

It’s possible to buy cushions which are waterproof, like these ones from Home Depot, and they are a great way of softening up the garden and increasing the amount of comfortable sitting space you have. Garden furniture can be expensive, but the average waterproof cushion won’t set you back too much. Try to choose cushions that have pretty floral prints or which match the colors already in your garden and they’ll look amazing.

On the Ledge

Placing a few plump cushions on your window ledges is a fantastic way of creating a comfy seating area where you can relax with a cup of tea and watch the wildlife in the garden or read a good book as you sip a sumptuous coffee. Of course, this only really works if your ledge is wide enough for it, but if it is, consider yourself lucky and stock up on cushions!

In the Foyer

If you have a foyer, chances are you have a bench where guests can sit to take off their shoes or wait until you’re ready to head out with them. Adding a few supportive cushions to this bench will help to make it a more comfortable place to sit, and it will, of course, also add some interest to the room.


Of course, Cushions do not need to have any real function – you can use them purely decoratively- and that means that you can place them anywhere you want. Smaller pillows and pillows that feature prominent patterns are the best to use for decorative purposes, especially if they feature things like mirrors, beading or delicate embroidery. You can put these anywhere from on shelves to on your coffee table, and yes in more traditional locations such as beds and chairs too. They make great impromptu footstools too.


Put simply, cushions are fantastic, and you should use them liberally to make your home more colorful, comforting and interesting than ever before.


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