Shower Hacks That Will Make You A Greener Person

How green do you consider yourself to be? Sure, you recycle, and you occasionally walk or cycle to work – but is there more you could be doing? Think about your shower habits. Do you like a long leisurely shower in the morning to help you start your day? You could be guilty of wasting a lot of water. It’s ok though – it’s not too late to change your habits! Check out these cool shower hacks that will save you time and effort, and make you a greener person as a result.

Set a timer

Ready, steady, shower! Set your timer and challenge yourself every time you shower to do it in under TWO MINUTES. Years ago, Soap and Glory launched a campaign to encourage us all to take the two-minute shower challenge – and it’s easier than you think. Turn the shower off in between rinses if you need to and if you manage it for ten straight showers, what better way to treat yourself than with some amazing new smellies? Nobody needs to shower for too long to get clean, so see if you can cut yours down.

Deep condition overnight

If you like to take care of your hair, then a deep conditioning mask will be a regular part of your haircare routine. However, waiting for that bad boy to take effect while in the shower could be wasting water. Want a simple solution? Do it overnight. Many deep conditioners are more effective pre-shampoo, so you can go to bed with your mask on to give your hair extra nourishment and rinse off in the morning for beautiful tresses. Alternatively, buy a leave-in conditioner that can also help give your hair a brilliant shine.

Consider changing your water source

If you really want to find greener ways of using water, consider changing how you source your water. Water boreholes can help you source water from the land that can be purified and used for different purposes. Even city dwellers can benefit from the money-saving and environmental benefits of installing a borehole, and a local water borehole drilling company can quickly assess whether or not your property is suitable. If you rent, you could always consider investing in a water-conserving shower head that will also help you to save both the environment and some money.

Wash your hair less often

It’s not good to wash your hair every day, and the lather, rinse, repeat is what could be holding you up in the shower. Try washing your hair with shampoos designed to keep your hair looking cleaner between washes and invest in a good dry shampoo to help keep your locks looking fresh. Luckily, it’s hat season so you can always get away with waiting one more day to wash your hair if you start throwing on a hat once in a while.

Getting greener with your shower is just one way you can do your bit to help the environment. Consider other eco-friendly home improvements that will help you to enjoy a greener home while saving you some money too.


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