Shifting Seasons: How to Prepare Your Garden for Autumn

When you love your garden, you want to take advantage of the spectacular explosion of colours we’re given when autumn finally arrives. Large, perfectly shaped leaves are falling to the ground in the same shades and steadiness as a setting sun; a child with her hands full of fat chestnuts, ushering you outside to look at the squirrels in the tree.

A garden in the autumn can look just as good, if not even better than it did during spring and summer as long as you’re willing to give it a bit of time and effort.With such a palette of colours to work with, you can paint yourself the perfect view in no time.

Think about the winter

That it’s just a few months since you prepared your garden for the summer is a strange and nostalgic thought – how fast the seasons are changing and the new year is approaching. Think about the upcoming seasons when you prepare your garden for autumn; just like you did in the spring, when you all you could think about was flowers in bloom and a garden heavy with their perfume.

Clean it in anticipation of winter so that you avoid plant diseases and an overgrown, bushy-looking backyard. Nothing speaks cycle of life as a few hours in the garden when the weather gets colder, raking away dead leaves, tidying up fallen fruit, and removing plants that look less than alive. Invite your children along, by the way; they may think they don’t like gardening, but that’s just because some parents always make them do the dirty-work.

Pick up the rake yourself and ask your kids to pluck the garden free from apples that you can make juice off later on.

Spring clean your deck, patio, or conservatory

Whatever outside area you have for relaxation, prepare it for the harsh elements of winter. It will be a lot easier to make it look pretty again in April, and if you prep it properly, you might even be able to enjoy it during the winter. Regular maintenance makes it less likely that your wood or glass will suffer during these months – especially with regards to your conservatory which is great to have when it’s frosty outside.

Cleaning this can be quite a task though, so try to break the work into smaller and more manageable pieces over a weekend or two. Alternatively, hire a contract cleaning firm to take care of everything in one go.

Plant evergreens

If you dread the thought of autumn and winter as your garden looks too sad and grey for your taste, it’s time to pull out the big guns. We’re talking evergreens, of course, and they’re going to make your view on seasonal change a lot brighter. Autumn is actually the perfect time for planting these as the soil is still fairly warm while the air is cooler; plant sarcococca and daphne plants for a bit of structure in your garden when #winteriscoming.

Their bright green leaves will make it look a lot prettier while we wait for warmer moments, and you can enjoy the fantastic colour display during autumn without having to look at a skeleton of a garden at the same time.



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