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sera g lashes
sera g lashes
Sera G Lashes

I’ve been really getting into using false eyelashes again recently, I blogged an OOTD that featured lashes from Wonderland Wigs here. I used to wear them a lot when I was younger, and my motto was the longer the better. I even seriously went out once with lashes so long they’d rival Bambi. Looking back, they made me look like an elf creature, but at the time, I loved them.

I’m quite lucky enough to have full eyelashes, and with the right mascara, they can look really good, but I find that throughout the night, they end up drooping- could be something to do with the layer upon layer of mascara I put on?! False lashes give you the volume, the length, and the oomph that you need, particularly on special occasions. I like natural lashes, and I like dramatic lashes. Which brings me to Sera-G lashes.

“What makes my products stand out from the rest? I believe it’s  the corner / half / mini eyelash range, I believe they are the product types that have the greatest selling potential. In my make up artist working years, I noticed that there is a gap in market for this type of eyelashes, many ladies like the ideas of false eyelashes but finds it hard to apply, or uncomfortable and heavy feeling when wearing them, so it gives a “fake” unnatural feeling. Corner/ half/ mini lashes are much easier to apply, can be undetectable when applied correctly. It can have very natural or dramatic effect depending on the style of the eyelashes. Although there are brands selling half eyelashes in the market, but not as many styles and unique styles as we are offering, because many of them are my own designs, and I am currently working on more new styles which is nearly ready.”- SERA-G

Sound pretty darn great, huh? I haven’t managed to get my paws on any yet, but as soon as I do, I will be reporting on how easy they are to apply, how well they last, and more importantly, how they look! Sera-G also do lower lashes, which I think is a fab idea. Again, I’m very lucky to have a lot of lower lashes, as I know some ladies have very few. I always think mascara-less lashes look a little odd, especially with night-time makeup, so the Sera-G lower lashes would be the perfect solution to bald lashlines.

Sera G Lower Lashes
Sera-G Lower Lashes

What do you think? Would you like to try these lashes, particularly the lower lashes? Let me know!

Love, SjP x

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