Scents Of The Summer: New Impulse Body Mists

Impulse Body Mists

Ok, hands up who else is instantly transported back to the 90s with one whiff of an Impulse spray? I had them all, even the Spice Girls one, which if my memory serves right was a little bit overpowering, but I wore it anyway because, yknow, Girl Power. Anyway, it’s not very often I would come across an Impulse spray in my adult life.

My friends teenage daughter had them occasionally, and I may have received one or two of the minis for Christmas, but I was all about my perfumes. That’s why I was absolutely delighted when I was approached to review the newest fragrant kids on the block. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the brand new, grown up Impulse Body Mists.

Impulse Body Mists


They’re slick, clean and yet still retain that fun girlish vibe in the brightly coloured touches in the packaging. These are larger than the standard Impulse, at 150ml, and are a spray rather than an aerosol, so the scent is really concentrated when you use them. The Impulse Mists are heavily inspired by ‘The Mash Up’ – the biggest craze set to sweep the UK this year. Spearheaded by Generation Z, this trend is all about mixing it up, being bold and expressive by merging different styles, colours, ingredients and experiences to create unexpected combinations. I have tested each and every one of these, for research and review purposes, but also because I was excited for a trip down memory lane. So let’s take a look at the scents.

Impulse Body Mists

So the first thing you should know about the new Impulse Body Mists is that they have pretty odd names/scent combinations. So, as we can see above, there is Purple Petals + Smoky Sky, Whipped Cream + Microchip and Burnt Marshmallow + Leather Jacket. Below you can see White Lace + Muddy Grass and Tropical Beach + Espresso. Funky, huh?

Impulse Body Mists

As expected, Purple Petals + Smoky Sky is quite a deep, rich smell and it’s divine. It’s a definite going out kind of scent, and lasts really well. I sprayed some at work today and everybody loved it it too. Whipped Cream + Microchip is quite a sweet, light smell which is nice on a hot day for just a touch of fragrance. Burnt Marshmallow + Leather Jacket is probably my most favourite of names, and it’s one of my favourites out of the range. Again it’s quite sweet but with a rich, deep undertone that keeps it from being too cloying. Lovely! White Lace + Muddy Grass is quite light, floral and slightly sweet. It’s definitely one of the most grown up scents out of the range, and my Mum has already asked me to pick her one up. Finally there is Tropical Beach + Espresso. This wasn’t as tropical or fruity as I was expecting, but still a very lovely Summery scent.

Here’s what the brand says; 

“Whipped Cream + Microchip

Fresh tech, hi-tech, new tech. Love that new metallic scent. Put some sticky, sweet whipped cream on it. Does it still work? Yes

White Lace + Muddy Grass

This festival of fragrance is big. Let go of yourself with playful tangerine and heart of freesia, all wrapped in a musky dry down. It’s fresh. It’s bright. It’s totally you today.

Purple Petals + Smoky Sky

The smoky purple haze is deep. Crisp nectarine rising. A rich floral heart. Dive deeper. Into the freshness of the woods. And why not, it smells incredible. Correction. You smell incredible.

Tropical Beach + Espresso

You’re on a beach. No wait, the beach is on you. Relax with bold orange flower, dry amber and patchouli. Then energise with a stiff shot of coffee lapping at the rocks. This tropical fragrance screams you.

Burnt Marshmallow + Leather Jacket.

The edge of sweetness. Fresh watermelon and spicy pink pepper? Gooey marshmallow washed down with sweet coconut milk? Dark wood and and mysterious musk? The sweet, sweet smell of darkness.”

You can buy the Impulse Body Mists from Superdrug stores now. 

*In collaboration with Impulse

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