The Rise Of The Self-Love Ring

International Women’s Day was on the 8th March, and my social media was full of ambitious, independent women displaying a love for their female role models, fellow gals, and their appreciation for their strong female ancestors and predecessors. It was a fabulous day full of positivity, and of course a great day to nab some of those motivational memes to read on the days you’re feeling less than positive. Out of an appreciation of their peers, an undercurrent of self-appreciation and self-loving ran through social media. This year truly has become the year of self-love.

While for some, self-love can mean treating yourself to a long hot bath, maybe dining with a loved one or catching up with friends, it can also be investing in a self-love ring; something that’s become more popular than ever. Some women are even taking it as far as marrying themselves and others are in a relationship referred to as ‘sologamy’. 

Self-love is something that everyone should be doing on a regular basis. However, the beauty and fashion industry over the past few decades have contributed to a skewed view of women’s bodies, and indeed men’s bodies too. The ‘ideal’ beauty, and the ‘ideal’ body, something that so many young and impressionable women tend to strive for, is often unattainable for the every day women. This used to perpetuate an almost self-hatred, but since the introduction of media and models who break the mould of the standard size 6-8 model, it’s become more common for women to appreciate themselves for who they are, and start to love themselves.

This has trickled into celebrity culture too, with many famous figures opening talking about how they’ve learnt to appreciate themselves. Others have encouraged magazines and photographers to not edit their photos so that women can see that their bodies are not in fact flawless.

There has also been a rise in participants of meditation and mindfulness — taking time out of the day to be present within yourself. Research has shown that it can reduce stress, depression and anxiety and experts encourage people to take time out of their day to focus on Meditation interlinks with self-love as it focuses on taking time out of the day to concentrate on yourself.

Self-love rings are meant to represent one’s commitment to oneself and a dedication that you’ll put yourself first and look after your own well-being. They are meant to be worn on your little finger — to represent a ‘pinky promise’ to yourself. Some jewellers offered specific ‘pinky’ rings but they can be bought as smaller regular engagement rings. Those who practise self-love have said that when you love yourself, you change the way that you act and this can positively affect your life and your relationship as you no longer rely on things or others to make you happy. 

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