Renovating Your Humble Abode On A Humble Budget

Whether you’re an interior design fanatic or not, everybody wants their house to look and feel like the show homes we all see advertised by letting agencies. Of course, you might want your house to look better if it’s looking a little worn and outdated but a full renovation costs a lot of money. At least, that’s what you tell yourself and you’d rather not know how much it would set you back.

However, believe it or not, renovating your humble abode on a humble budget isn’t a pipe dream. All it takes is careful planning and the ability to not just take the quickest and easier option towards making your home look better. If you want to improve the interior design of your household on a budget then here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Clean and tidy the place.

The cheapest way to make an improvement to your home is to declutter the place. In fact, decluttering the place is the only real “free” way to renovate your household. You might find that all the things you hated about your house disappear once the place just looks a little cleaner and tidier. Once you’ve been through every room in the house and cleared out all the things you don’t like or simply cleaned each room, you’ll have a better idea of the things which actually need to be improved in your home.

Make a green household.

By this, I don’t mean that the color green will improve your house, so you can stop worrying. Adopting green (eco-friendly) thinking could really be the key to improving your home on the cheap. Environmentally conscious living is all about cutting back on waste so it makes complete sense that doing this would save you massive amounts of money. You might be thinking about solar panels and expensive energy-efficient appliances. Whilst both of these things are good ideas with regards to making your home eco-friendly, you might be hesitant to start there if you’re on a budget. However, there are more ways to create a green household than this.

Keep things simple, first of all. Think about ways in which you can reduce your energy bills at home. You might want to begin by trapping more of the heat that you generate in your home. Insulating the walls, the attic, and the basement can help with this because you’re probably losing a lot of heat and money every year if you haven’t already done this. You might also want to look into double glazing windows around your house because these are the thinnest parts of your house’s exterior and you’re most likely to lose heat there. In terms of renovating your house, saving money with eco-friendly tricks means you’ll have more money to improve the rest of your house. It’s a smart idea.

A lick of paint.

Finally, if decluttering your home and going for the minimal look hasn’t fully renovated your home then you might want to try repainting the house to make it feel brand new and fresh. Some white paint in each room will really bring the household to life. White is a neutral color so it allows for you to add colors, themes, and patterns in the future without any clashing themes. White walls also reflect sunlight pouring through the windows and naturally brighten the house during the day. A simple lick of paint is yet another cheap way to renovate your household.


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