Putting The “Om” In “Home” – Creating A Meditation Space

It’s an important element for a lot of us, a place that we can go to where we can rest, relax, and recharge. When it comes to finding the right place, normally it’s within your own home that can help to reset the balance, as usually, it is a relaxing atmosphere where you can unwind properly. But realistically there are lots of stresses and issues that we all have within our own home, which is why it’s important for us to find a place that makes you feel truly relaxed. Here are a few tips to think about creating that meditation space that’s just for you.

Pick A Space That Makes You Feel Good

We all need that one little sanctuary that we can truly be ourselves and relax. It’s important to consider if many people use that room normally. If it’s quiet, will it officially be a place for you to relax? It doesn’t even have to be indoors, you could find somewhere in the garden or even shell out for a shed or hut. But as long as it’s somewhere that you can feel relaxed and feel able to let your guard down.

Decorating The Space

It’s important if you’re going to make a space for the purposes of meditation, you don’t overdress the area. You need to keep it simple and with as little clutter as possible. If it helps for you to unwind, you can put in simple things like cushions, a little table, or maybe a rug. Choose colors that are conducive to getting you in the right mindset, and be sure not to have extremely bright colors as this can be very distracting.

Creating An Aroma

By having a beautiful aroma, it will help to keep you focused and to fill the space with a relaxing scent that to help get you into the meditative state of mind. You could use incense, candles with relaxing scents, or air diffusers with essential oils. There are plenty of candle shops and outlets that supply these products such as on www.EarthandSoul.com.au where you can find various essential oils like lavender and peppermint that aid relaxation. Lavender in particular is a very relaxing oil which will help you to get into that meditative state quicker.

Choose The Things That Soothe You

Depending on where you live you may wish to use music to help improve your meditation, and you can find plenty of Buddhist chants online at www.Multidimensionalman.com where you can get free downloads of meditation music as well as binaural beats which can help the mind to focus in on connecting with the body.

Trust Your Instincts

You know exactly what will help you to focus, and it’s these things which will make your meditation space a sanctuary you will use again and again. It’s important for all of us to have our own space where we can delve deep into what we are really thinking and clear out the mental clutter and re-emerge feeling refreshed. It’s important to meditate at least once a day when you can, so by making a space that you can go to you can get the most out of this beautiful practice.


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