Be Prepared! 3 Things That Are More Likely To Happen In Winter

The leaves are beginning to change; autumn is now in full swing, and soon, winter will follow on its footsteps. This might not be the most welcome of news, but it’s an unavoidable reality. Soon, the days will be shorter, the nights colder, and those long days of summer will feel like a distant memory.

Winter brings with it all manner of surprises, but perhaps the three explored below are the starkest. If you want to ensure you get through to spring with your life and belongings in as good a state as possible, then keep an eye on the areas that are prone to chaos once the winter months descend.

#1 – Burglaries


It’s a simple matter of statistical fact that more burglaries happen during the the darkest months of the year, and particularly over winter. The reason for this is simple: burglars use the cover of long nights to help disguise themselves from homeowners.

If you want to keep your home as protected as possible this winter, then there are a few changes you can make to ensure you’re protected at all times. It’s worth considering whether to buy CCTV systems so you can keep tabs on the entire exterior of your home during the winter months. It’s also a good idea to advertise the fact you have a CCTV system, so it can act as both a deterrent and an effective method of keeping your property monitored at all times. This is especially important if you work from home in a home office; you’re not just protecting your personal life, but your business one as well.

#2 – Mental Health Issues (Especially Depression)

Thanks to a condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder, many people find that the winter months are by far the time of year when they are most likely to suffer from depression. As our bodies struggle to adapt with the colder weather and the shorter days, anxious and depressive feelings are normal — but that doesn’t mean you just have to put up with them.

If you find yourself experiencing a significant increase in low mood and intrusive thoughts over the winter, speak to your doctor. Any GP worth their salt is going to be able to identify symptoms of SAD, and they will have plenty of options to help you cope with it as best you can.

#3 – Weight Gain

We tend to be sedentary over winter. Let’s face it: no one really feels like going outside and being active when it’s so cold you can see your breath on every exhalation. As a result, weight gain is far more likely over the winter months.

You can counter this by keeping active, but doing it indoors. Join a gym, or just endeavour to do a few sit-ups when you’re watching TV in the evening. Every little helps, so if you want to be ready for all those spring dresses you’re going to delight in, keeping on top of your weight over winter is an essential.

Winter may be coming, but now you’re prepared for the worst it has to offer.


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