Prepare Your Home Ready For The Winter

As depressing as it may be, summer is passing, and we’re hitting fall, and we all know what comes after that… Winter. Now, even if it’s still relatively warm where you are, it’s a good idea to start preparing for when the cold decides to show its face.

There are plenty of different ways you can keep your home warm and save money while doing so! Here’s how.

Wrap up warm

It sounds very obvious, but that’s because it is. If you’re chilly in your home, put on some extra layers and wrap yourself up in a blanket. You’ll warm up – it’s guaranteed. If you realise you’re not wearing any socks – put some on. Cold feet mean a cold body, so as long as you make an effort to turn them toasty, your body will match.

Use timers on your heating

If you haven’t already got your heating on a timer, it’s a good idea to program it in now. This will mean you can have it turn on and off whenever you desire, which will save you the cost of an expensive heating bill because it isn’t being left on unnecessarily. Turn the heating down a little lower when the days aren’t too cold, and have it turn on around 30 minutes before you wake up to take the edge off early winter mornings. With companies like New Era Fuels, you can have your own domestic heating oil delivered straight to your home. That way, you have a constant supply of hot water and heating when times get chilly.

Use your curtains

When the sun is out, it gives off heat, regardless if you can feel it through your walls or not – plus it’s free, so make the most of it. Open the curtains and let the sun shine through during the daytime, and then as soon as the sun goes down, close the curtains to hold all that heat in. Think of it as another form of insulation. You will also want to be sure that you have no gaps in the fitting of your windows otherwise this will let out precious warmth – it will also reduce a build-up of condensation.

Move your sofa

You may think you’re being clever by placing the sofa in front of your heater, but in fact, you’re doing it completely wrong. As nice as it may feel, the sofa is actually absorbing all of that heat up into itself as a pose to heating up the entire room. If you move it out of the way, you will allow hot air to circulate freely. The same applies if you’re covering the heater with clothes to dry, or curtains – keep everything away so the heat source is working how it should.

Shut the doors

If you have your heating on but still feel a slight draft – close the door. There’s no need to have it open if you’re all sitting in the living room. The more doors that are open, the more drafts that are created, meaning the harder your heating has to work, (and the more money that will cost you!), and there’s just no need for that if you’re essentially only using one room at a time.


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