Popping The Question: Planning The Perfect Proposal

Will you marry me? Many women dream of one day hearing these words uttered from the mouth of their prince charming. A proposal needs to be a romantic and memorable event. This can put a lot of pressure on guys to plan something elaborate and expensive. A proposal doesn’t need to be either of these things although it should be meaningful. Here are a few tips to pull off the perfect proposal.

Choose the right ring

First you need to buy an engagement ring. Try to get an idea of their desired style – not all women want something big and blingy. It’s also worth gaging an idea of their finger size to save you from buying a ring that’s too big or too small. Shop around online and in high street stores to find a ring that stands out. You can even consider personalised options such as Jaubalet Paris engagement rings. If you’re looking to save costs, consider independent jewellers – you may be able to barter with these more easily. Favour the cut over the carat – the cut dictates how shiny a diamond is. Also note that the price can jump up once you reach a whole number carat – there’s a big price gap between a 1 carat diamond and a 0.9 carat diamond.

Make it unique

There are lots of things that can make a proposal unique. It could be in a sentimental location such as a dream holiday destination or the place you went on your first date. You could have a band or singer perform a song that’s meaningful to you both. You could have the words ‘will you marry me’ put up on a banner somewhere and direct your fiancée-to-be’s gaze towards it – companies like Party Pieces can create personalised banners. Also consider how you present the ring. You could put it at the bottom of a glass of champagne or in a box of chocolates. This doesn’t mean that you can’t still bend down on one knee.

Public or private?

Will you have an audience as you propose? Or will you choose it for an intimate occasion when it’s just the two of you? Some people may not like PDA and may prefer a private a proposal. Others may love to be the centre of attention and enjoy a public proposal. You may want to choose a midway point, sharing the moment with close family but not strangers. You then have to decide whether to tell the family – can they keep it a secret? Will they add to the pressure?

Plan a decoy

In some cases, it could be worth planning a decoy. A spur-of-the-moment restaurant meal or hot air balloon ride might seem suspicious if you’re not usually into grand romantic gestures. You could develop a cover story and pretend it’s a family event that you’re attending to throw her off the scent. You could pretend it’s a work-related do and you want her to come along. This will make the surprise all the better.


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