A Place To Escape? The “She Shed” Could Be The Answer

Men have their man caves, their garages to tinker in or their shed to potter about with. But what do we have when we want to escape the hustle and bustle of life? Many escape to the kitchen but are met by the washing up that hasn’t been completed. You may escape to the bathroom to soak in the bath only to have the door knocked on several times by family members or children. Maybe you settle down in a quiet room to read a book only to be disturbed five minutes later by someone. However, the man cave, shed or garage can be off limits. This doesn’t seem fair to me. All women need a place of escape and I wanted to tell you that your own garden could be holding the secret. A “she shed” has fast become a trend where more women are creating their own spaces in their homes just for them. It may include a desk, a comfortable chair, some of your favourite colours and quotes on the wall and painted in a more feminine tone. I wanted to share with you with some of the ways you could create your own “she shed” and it is simpler than you may think.

Get a shed and weatherproof it

One of the first things to do would be to consider getting yourself a shed and making it watertight and weatherproof to avoid any disasters in the colder seasons ahead. Consider the size of your garden and what you might want to include and research waterproofing products to ensure you get the right finish. At this stage you want to make sure that this size is right to fit the purpose you want it for.

Time to add the furnishings

When it’s installed in your garden and watertight, now would be the ideal time to furnish and decorate your shed. Think about your colours you would like to use. Some women opt for pastel shades or pinks, but this could be whatever you want it to be. Add bunting, get a chair, desk or other furnishings in place and even consider shelves and storage so you can keep the items you need within close proximity. You may also want to consider curtains and soft furnishings like cushions and blankets.

Could electricity be installed?

Some women have gone as far as having an electricity output installed into their sheds. This can be used for all sorts of things such as a heater in the colder months, an electric port for things like phone or laptop chargers, or even to add a little television or radio in there to listen to.

Add the final touches

Finally, the last things to consider would be a wifi connection from your home, could you buy a booster to boost the signal in the garden? Other factors would be to ensure that it suits your needs and to keep it locked and safe at night. This could be your safe haven to relax and unwind, enabling you to feel fully recharged to head back into the family home and crack on with daily life.

Let’s hope this inspires you to create your own “she shed.”


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