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Skincare is such a personal choice, and just like many things, it is not just a one product fits any face kind of scenario. There are so many different types of skin, from normal to dry and everything in between, as well as conditions like rosacea, acne, and more.

2014 Masterchef Finalist, Angela Langford has taken her love & passion for cooking, to create an organic skincare range that uses the very best ingredients nature have to offer, whilst offering the highest levels in personalised service. We are all different, which is why Angela will help you select products from her range that best suits you & your skin, thanks to her innovative Skincare Sample Service – three samples from her range, personally selected by Angela.

Working in Gibraltar in the world of online gambling of all things, Angela was made redundant and had time on her hands. Living in Spain, she did not have access to many things that we take for granted in the UK – one of which was access to good skincare. Angela’s favourite brands of skincare were simply not available to her, so she decided to do what most people wouldn’t – she would make her own!

Being a passionate and talented cook, her reasoning was that it seemed not unreasonable that creating skincare products is very similar to creating recipes – after all, making skincare products includes using the best ingredients you can find, that are heated or emulsified or folded into each other (albeit a bit more scientific than that), to end up with a product that is good for you.

And so Angela embarked on a journey that would see her being taught skincare production by the best in the business, travelling back and forth to the UK to complete her studies. What was originally just a hobby to supply some creams and oils to herself and her immediate family, it quickly escalated to friends and friends of friends – to a point where the original Angela Langford brand was born.

When you register on the website, they will ask you questions about you and your skin that you wouldn’t normally be asked. The more information you can give, the better the chance of Angela picking the right products from her range of award winning skincare, first time. Questions about your skin type, your skin condition, any allergies, any other information you think relevant – it is all welcomed by Angela and her team.

So, let’s take a look at what they have for each skincare concern.



Anti-ageing products aren’t just about wrinkles and lines. They’re about radiant, healthy, glowing skin; nourishing and repairing as well as preventative measures. Look for natural anti-ageing products rich in vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, omegas 3, 6 & 9, antioxidants, such as in a little lift – as well as specific ingredients that can improve tone, elasticity, plump and smooth your beautiful skin, giving you confidence.

Congested Skin

As with so many different skin conditions and skin types, treatment and natural products for congested skin and acne is about rebalancing our skin’s natural harmony. Look for products such as Angela’s natural serum perfect pores; that leave your skin clear and calm but without stripping it of its natural oils – as this can just exasperate the problem.

Make sure you cleanse and never, ever go to bed without cleansing. Regular exfoliation removes dead skin cells that can block our pores and an astringent tonic can tone your skin. Use a light weight moisturiser or a natural face oil – yes OIL – providing you use balancing oils, these can really help to restore your skin’s natural balance.

Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated skin can be caused by lifestyle (for example drinking too much alcohol or spending too much time in the sun). Look for natural products for dehydrated skin that contain humectants – simply put, these are ingredients that attract water. These ingredients keep your skin soft and pliable by retaining water in it and binding it in your skin. Examples of specific ingredients to look for are organic glycerin and hyaluronic acid, both of which can be found in their natural moisturiser, Thirsty Work.

Dull and Lack-lustre Skin

Skin that is dull, lack-lustre & lacking in radiance & vitality can make even young skin look older than it is. Skin that looks healthy always has a radiance, luminosity and brightness to it. Dull skin can be caused by a number of factors including lack of dehydration leading to parched and flaky skin; a decline in the rate at which healthy new skin cells renew themselves, resulting in dead dull skin lying on the surface of your skin.

A lack of skin nourishment or an underlying illness can also result in a dull complexion. Restoring radiance and increasing luminosity starts with a good cleansing regime (such as clean sweep), incorporates regular exfoliation (using scrub up), includes products to hydrate your skin (bloom & glow) and finally involves massaging in radiance restoring products to nourish & heal.


If you have eczema you may also been prone to sensitive skin that reacts easily to particular ingredients. It is therefore always wise to carry out a patch test for any new products you are using – just to make sure they don’t contain an ingredient that irritates you.

Even natural and organic ingredients can irritate our skin so it is better to check. Ingredients that are calming, hydrating and can help repair damage and regenerate our skin (such as those found in sweet cheeks) can help to ease the symptoms of eczema. Look out for natural products for eczema that include calming and soothing chamomile, bisabolol, rose, rosehip and kiwi and keep your skin well moisturised.


Rosacea is a common skin condition that mainly affects the face. It mainly affects people over the age of 30 and is more prevalent if you have pale skin. Symptoms are sometimes confused with eczema or acne and include flushing, burning or stinging, redness, spots and blood vessels become visible. Severe cases can result in pustules and also thickening of the skin often around the nose.

This condition can flair up so you may find that the symptoms can be more or less severe depending on a number of factors.  These can include hot drinks or hot food, spicy foods, alcohol, extremes of temperature, exposure to the sun, anxiety and stress.

It is important to treat your skin gently, using mild natural products for rosacea that have healing or anti-inflammatory properties. A gentle and simple natural skincare regime can often help, such as Angela’s gentle cleanser, clean sweep and her night balm, rest & regenerate.

Visible Pores

If pores are blocked, it can stretch them out making them more noticeable. Sun damage does not just cause fine lines, wrinkles and darkening of the skin; it can also make our pores look bigger.

To reduce the appearance of pores, keep them clear by avoiding heavy pore clogging ingredients including mineral oils and petroleum and make sure you always cleanse your face before bed (and also after a vigorous work-out).The natural cleanser clean sweep is the perfect recipe for this.

Using a cleanser that contains jojoba is great as dirt binds with it, helping to keep pores clear. Also ensure you regularly exfoliate as this removes pore-clogging dead skin.

Look for ingredients that contain pore perfecting salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), retinol palmitate, fruit enzymes and astringent ingredients including rose, cypress, witch hazel and juniper.

You can read more about the company, or take a look at what they can offer you for your skin condition over at their website;



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