Perfect Skirts For Day And Night By Elvi

I have a funny shaped body. I guess I’d be what the industry calls ‘Pear Shape’ as in I have a bigger bum that top! This makes buying dresses quite difficult, so unless they’re a little 1950s in shape- nipped in waists and wide skirts, they rarely tend to fit. This is why I generally stick to tops and skirts.

When I do like a beautiful dress that isn’t that kind of shape, particular bodycon dresses, however, I will wear it underneath a skirt, it’s all about adapting it to your comfort zone. But recently, I’ve found that there is a distinct lack of skirts that suit me on the high street. I prefer skirts that hit below the knee rather than above, it’s just a preference of mine for my own body, not a fashion statement! Imagine my absolute delight when I found that LOTS of styles that I loved at Elvi!

skirt-2 skirt-3 skirt1 skirt4 skirt5 skirt6 skirt7

About Elvi

t h e   e l v i   s t y l e
When creating standout clothing that flatters the curvy figure, wearability is key to the success of our designs. We create both statement and key pieces that will instantly update your current wardrobe. From casualwear to evening glamour, our collection aims to provide a full wardrobe solution.
t h e   f u t u r e   o f   e l v i
As we move forward, our aim is to become the leader in the plus size market, to be the destination that every woman goes to update her wardrobe, and the name on everyone’s lips for the best plus size clothing.
e l v i   s t o c k i s t
Elvi is currently stocked on key retailers including Simply Be, Evans, Navabi, ASOS and Nordstrom, and the Elvi website.

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