The Perfect All Rounder Stocking Fillers

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? The 25th December is just a few weeks away, after all! As well as main presents for your family, it’s also a nice touch to get some smaller gifts that you can use to fill their stockings. All out of ideas for this year’s stocking fillers? Here are some of the best all rounder stocking fillers. 


Who doesn’t love chocolate?! Kids will love finding some sweet treats at the bottom of their stockings this year – they might even gobble it all up before they get downstairs for breakfast! This is also a great option for adults as well as there are now many sophisticated chocolate bars aimed at grown-ups who have a sweet tooth. You will also find that there is now a great choice of chocolate suitable for lactose-intolerant and diabetic individuals, so everyone will be able to enjoy some of the sweet stuff on Christmas morning!

Card Games

Packets of cards are small enough to slip into a stocking, and they can provide a lot of fun on Christmas day. You can buy lots of themed decks of cards, so you might want to buy your partner a deck that reflects his or her hobby. When it comes to the kids, you don’t have to stick to a traditional pack of cards. You can always treat them to a game that is popular with all ages, like Uno.


Stocking fillers aren’t meant to be the best gift for Christmas – all the presents you put under the tree should be the big showstoppers. So it’s ok to sneak in some gifts that aren’t all that exciting, such as a few toiletries. You might want to get your kids some nice smellies, like glitter bubble bath or shower gel. When it comes to your other half, moisturiser and perfume will always go down well.

Travel Cups

These days, everyone is trying to live as environmentally friendly lives as possible. And one way that individuals are trying to be greener is by investing in a travel cup and getting this filled up at their favourite coffee shop. They then don’t have to use disposable cups, which can be very difficult to recycle. You can buy travel cups in different colours and patterns in various department stores. Why not stuff one with some chocolate for an extra stocking surprise?!

A Watch

A nice small gift that will easily fit into a stocking is a wristwatch. This is a nice little present for young children who are starting to learn how to tell the time. A sophisticated designer watch is also a great gift for that extra special someone who you want to spoil this festive period!

There are loads of great stocking filler options out there. Hopefully, one of the above has taken your fancy. I’m sure that all of these ideas will all put a smile on the receiver’s face, no matter how old they are!


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