New Love For Old Style | Vintage Fashion

The access to fast fashion and style that is possible in the modern world is staggering. The turnaround from catwalk through to dupes being available on the high street is shortening all the time. It no longer takes a week’s wages to be able to afford a new outfit; there’s so much churn and a seemingly constant sale season to be taken advantage of.

In the midst of all this fast fashion however, spare a thought for one style avenue you might not have thought to explore before: vintage fashion.

“Isn’t vintage fashion… kind of gross?” you may wonder, as do so many others who have been confronted by the idea of it.

Sure, wearing clothes that have been on someone else’s body, accessories that have been in someone’s else’s hair, earrings that have been through someone else’s ears… it doesn’t sound great, on the surface. It sounds a bit unpleasant.

The truth, however, is nowhere near that perception. Yes, vintage clothing and accessories will have been preowned, but you wouldn’t be able to tell just by looking at them. Every item will be cleaned, polished, ironed, and anything else that can be done to it to bring it back into a pristine condition. We’re talking vintage fashion labels from the greats such as Dior and Mary Quant, a vintage Rolex watch here, stunning jewellery from the 1920s there – there’s no seller alive who would want these kind of wares to look anything but their best.

“Those labels sound expensive…”

Of course, labels are labels, and designers will always be relatively expensive. However, you’re still more likely to be able to find a bargain when you opt for vintage over the high street. There will be competition for more exclusive pieces, but you’re more likely to find an affordable designer piece in a vintage store than anywhere.

“Doesn’t vintage mean ‘out of style’?”

Just because something comes from a different period of fashion doesn’t mean it’s immediately doomed in the style stakes. As you probably are aware, fashion has a habit of repeating itself. Something with a bit of history to it can make a statement. There’s every chance that by exploring vintage, you’ll find on-trend styles from around the first time they were making their mark.

“What are the other advantages of vintage clothing?”

It sounds like you’re warming to the idea – there’s a positive!

As well as the items all having a pedigree and a history, you can be sure they are well made and will last you a long while. If these items have made it through to this point in their life, then they’re not going to disintegrate on their third wash – the same cannot be said for the majority of cheaper-end brands of today (much though some manufacturers are moving the opposite way).

There’s also the fact that if you want to be unique in your style, vintage fashion is just about the safest way you can achieve that. If you buy the latest on-trend dress that every fashion editor and blogger is lusting over, then you’ll love it, but you’ll also share an identical item to everyone else. If you want to truly stand out in the style stakes and be sure no one is going to be wearing the same thing as you, then vintage is definitely the way to go.


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