Need Some Beauty Advice? App-solutely!

With the emergence of smartphones, the world has never seemed smaller. At the touch of a button we can find out information about the most obscure topic, and we can find advice for any problems we may find ourselves encountering. If you need to book a hotel, there’s an app for it. If you need to check the number of calories in a particular brand of bagel, there’s an app that will tell you. If you want advice on the latest beauty trends, there are a mind boggling array of apps offering up their opinions. Take a look at the best beauty apps below to enable you to be at the forefront of makeup trends this summer.

Android or Apple

The apps that are featured are available on both platforms so whether you have an iPhone, Samsung, or a Sony, you should be able to access all of them. What is more important is your smartphone, specifically the screen and camera when it comes to beauty apps. There is a range of pay monthly phones, no credit check needed that you could browse ranging from the Galaxy S8 to the more budget friendly Huawei Honor 9. Both of these handsets have spectacular screens allowing you to utilise the full potential of each app.

Pretty In My Pocket (PIMP)

PIMP is a great all round app that allows you to effectively have thousands of expert opinions on a mind boggling array of beauty products stored on your smartphone. All you have to do is locate the products you like the look of in a shop, scan the barcodes, and then hundreds of unbiased reviews appear before your very eyes. The wonders of technology never cease to amaze.

Shade Scout

A virtual makeover for your face, Shade Scout, enables you to upload an image of yourself and ‘try on’ a range of different shades of makeup. You can apply foundation, lipstick and eyeshadow to create your perfect look. This is a great tool for when you’re looking for the perfect makeup to match a new outfit.

Think Dirty

If you are keen to know how your beauty products are made, this intelligent little app allows you to scan an item’s barcode to reveal if there are any nasty surprises lurking in the ingredients. Good for those who are keen to be as eco-friendly as possible and also those of us who have allergies and sensitivities.

Ask Bobbi

For fashionistas and beauty queens everywhere, Ask Bobbi is full of tutorials and step by step guides on how to achieve the perfect look. Whether you want to know how to find your ideal foundation tone or how to apply mascara flawlessly, this is the app to refer to.

Get The Look

Designed by Rimmel and fully customisable to your skin tone, this app will offer bespoke makeup advice. Just input your raw data such as face shape and eye shape along with your skin tone, and this app will generate a list of hand picked makeup tutorials for you.

Whatever look you are after this summer season, there is an app out there to help you achieve it.


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