Moving House? It is Time to Get Rid of Clutter

Moving house should give people a chance for a new start. You don’t want to carry your emotional and physical clutter with you. Starting fresh might mean that you would possibly get rid of tired-looking furniture and clothes you will never wear again. If you declutter your home at the same time as packing for your move, you will save time and money, and can have more space to arrange your new house how you like it. Find out below how to get started.

Create Piles and Boxes with Labels

You will want to find everything without searching. You first have to sort through all the items: those you want to keep in your new home, those you  can give away or sell, and items you no longer need. Ask friends if they could use any of the things you have spare, and if not, you can create a pile for taking, throwing away, and selling or recycling. Create labels for each room and each purpose. You can have large bags full of items you want to look through and decide on later.

Donate to Thrift or Charity Stores

Most people have clothes and accessories they haven’t worn for a long time. It might be just the right time to eliminate clutter and donate clothes to thrift stores or charity shops.  These shops are run by volunteers, and profits go to good causes. Build up good karma for your next chapter in your life and donate your unwanted clothes. You want to start fresh when moving home instead of carrying the same old clutter around.

Upcycle Items

Will you need different size curtains in your new house? Could you do with a large table in the garage? You can upcycle items that no longer serve you, or give them to your friends to use for their project. You can ask a friend with a sewing machine to make you cushion covers of the old curtain, or give them some of your home furnishings for their patchwork project.

Decide on Your New Colour Scheme and Style

When you first go and visit your next home, you might start thinking about furnishing and styles straight away. When you start packing up, ask yourself whether or not the items you already have match the style of the house, and if they will fit. If they do not, you can sell them, donate them, or simply give them to your friends.

Get Clutter Removed Before You Move

Once you have a large pile of unwanted items, it’s time to decide what to do with them. In some countries you can hire a bin- like here at and fill up the container. You will be surprised how easy it is to fill a large bin. Pat yourself on the back for saving money and time moving items you would not use in your new home.

Make sure you don’t take items with you to your new house that you cannot use any more. Recycle, sell, and bin everything to start a new, clutter-free life.


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