Modern Living Room Ideas to Inspire

Your living room is the one room in the house where you should be able to relax. However, the style of the room should also be something you’re proud of. When guests come to your home, the living room is usually the first room they’ll be introduced to. Therefore, it has to be a room that welcomes, shows off your personality and wows its viewers. How do you achieve all of that? Luckily, modern interior design is full of useful tips. Here are some to inspire you.

Red Paint

We’re often very cautious about bold colours because there’s a high chance that they can look overwhelming. However, modern design dictates that red is fabulous. If you’re worried about taming a bright or bold red, just look at white as your saviour. Adding touches of white throughout the room, like white curtains and white furniture, will break up the brightness of your walls.

Floral Patterns

It could be a long time before the love of floral patterns dies. It’s a fantastic way to add colour and vibrancy to any room. Place floral cushions on your sofa, add floral curtains to your windows or you could even reupholster sofas and chairs. Be careful to not go overboard. It’s best to use floral patterns as an accessory to plainer fabrics. For example, floral cushions on a plain beige or brown sofa works perfectly.


There are so many benefits to leather. It’s not surprising that the material is used in modern design concepts. Firstly, it’s a material that can complement any kind of room and any kind of theme. Just look at the examples of Denelli modern corner sofas and challenge yourself to not picture them in your living room! The second benefit is that they’re highly durable. So, if you have children and pets but you want to keep a picture-perfect living room at all times, leather should be your go-to option.

White on White

There’s no arguing that white is a modern design colour and it works well with a minimalistic lifestyle. To avoid the room looking like a hospital, make sure you introduce some different textures. Consider using a linen sofa with a rough rug and maybe some crocheted accessories. Remember, it doesn’t all have to be the same shade of white either. Look for off-white shades to create depth and character in the room.

Mix and Match

It used to be that we’d all go out and buy matching pieces of furniture to coordinate a theme throughout the home. It’s nothing quite as boring now. Feel free to use your creativity and mix and match your furniture. For example, a plain white sofa will look dazzling next to a patterned chair or a dark wood coffee table can be easily accompanied by lighter wood nest of tables. You can even mix up your uses for a living room. Creating a small reading nook will allow you to separate the themes in the room.

Be creative and find your ideal living room design.


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