Modern Italian Home Interior Ideas

Is the idea of a modern Italian home your ultimate dream? Somewhere you can relax, somewhere you can wow your guests and somewhere practical for your family all rolled into one. Italian design is so in demand because it’s at the height of interior design fashion. The Italians place family above all else, so they’re homes are structured around entertaining and large numbers of people. If you’re considering having an overhaul of your home design and modern Italian is what you’re going for next, take a look at some of these ideas.

Antique Timbers

There’s a certain kind of beauty in antique furniture that you can’t find anywhere else. Modern doesn’t necessarily have to mean new. If you want to add some breath-taking pieces to your rooms, think antique wood. You could find anything from reclaimed doors to vintage wooden benches, or even accessories, like coat hangers. The beauty of this idea is that it won’t break the bank and you’ll have fun exploring the second-hand stores or creating unique pieces yourself.

Textured Walls

Have you ever been to an Italian villa and got the feeling that the outside and inside are one in the same? Italian design is heavily inspired by nature, so why would you separate the inside from the outside. One of the best ways to blend the two is with textured walls. You can create a textured wall by knocking into your existing walls, filling the wood panelling with straw and covering the stray with clay. When the clay dries, you’ll be left with a beautiful texture on your wall that you can paint over. It gives the illusion of living close to the outdoors. Go for colours like cream, terracotta, or brown.

Stone Floors

You may have noticed that Italian design includes a lot of tiled floors. It’s something you really can’t do without if you want to create an authentic Italian look. However, if you’re bringing the Italian design home with you, you may be better off with a modern version. More and more high-end Italian homes are using stone floors instead of tiles. It’s in keeping with traditional Italian ideas but it looks fantastic and it keeps the heat in your home. Stone is cool during the Summer but helps homes to maintain heat during the Winter.


If, like the Italians, you’re used to entertaining guests on a regular basis or you have a large family, your furniture needs to be versatile and durable. Take a look at the Denelli modern corner sofas for inspiration. They’re perfect for seating large groups or just cosy and comfortable when you get a rare night off. If you’re thinking about dining tables and storage, there’s no hiding from the fact that Italian design relies heavily on dark wood. When you really want to impress, go for metal wall hanging or chandeliers. You could also use metal grilles as decoration around the house, bringing a real taste of Italy to your home.

The Italian style isn’t just about personal preference. It’s about luxury, comfort and true tranquillity.


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