Mistakes To Avoid For The Perfect Proposal

Once you’ve decided that you’re finally ready to pop the question and propose to the one you love, you instantly become a bubbling mixture of excitement and stress. After all, this is a huge moment for you and your partner, and you’re going to want to get it just right and make it a moment you’ll both remember for the rest of your lives. Unfortunately, as much work as you put into your proposal, there are going to be things that go wrong, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t avoid as many mistakes as you can. Here are a few common ones for you to think about that I would tend to avoid personally.

Choosing The Wrong Time

Timing is an incredibly important part of proposing, so it’s essential that you speak to your partner beforehand, and make sure that they see marriage in their near-future just like you do. If they do, you still need to take circumstances into account and avoid proposing when your partner is stressed or sick. Things will go a lot more smoothly if they are relaxed and you’re doing something fun together.

Letting Everyone Know

Whether your partner likes surprises or not, most people agree that proposals should be kept a secret. Unfortunately, a surprise proposal is practically impossible if you tell everyone you know. Sure, you may have only told your best friend, but they’ll tell their girlfriend, who will tell their sister, and now everyone knows, including your partner. It’s much more sensible to keep it to yourself.

Forgetting The Ring

When you’re about to propose, there are a lot of things going around your head. You need to speak to the photographer and make sure they know where to be, you need have a backup plan in case it starts to rain, and you need to plan what you’re going to say. Unfortunately, all of this can be quite distracting, making some guys forget the most important thing – The ring. This is a really embarrassing mistake, so make sure you triple check that you’ve got it.

Putting The Ring In Food

If you’ve remembered the ring, then congratulations, but if you’re even considering putting it in a glass of champagne or in a cake, then stop right there. Sure, it might seem romantic in films and tv shows, but this is the real world, and they’re a lot more likely to swallow the ring, or, worse still, choke on it than they are to notice it. Just leave the ring in the box where it belongs and get on one knee like regular folks.

Making It Too Public

If you’re planning to use a proposal video from Youtube as your inspiration, please think about it. Of course, they seem really cool, but if your partner doesn’t like being the centre of attention, then they’re not going to like being proposed to at a concert, a sporting event, or in the middle of a flash mob. Stick to something small, sweet, and personal instead.  

If you want your proposal to be as perfect as it can be, then avoid making any of the mistakes above.


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