Master The Art Of Professional Elegance

There was a time when being a woman in a business world meant that you needed to establish a powerful fashion sense to succeed. As the first impression is always the most important, it’s fair to say that for many, a professional woman is a woman who shows off her wealth through her outfit. In reality, there’s a big difference between being dressed appropriately for the job – whether you’re already in a managerial position or you’re just climbing your way up the hierarchy of a big company – and making fashion your key priority in the workplace. While you can’t forget that people will judge you based on your performance and appearance, you can develop a form of natural and accessible art of elegance.

Quality over quantity

Nobody in the workplace expects you to wear a different outfit every day. You can get by with a handful of dresses and co ords, assuming that you choose quality items. If you’re not sure where to look, is an excellent address to start as it combines originality and elegant designs. More often than not, high street fashion retailers lack professional pieces for the workplace. Unless you work in a creative agency, it’s fair to say that the current flower and geometric patterns and vibrant colours of big fashion chains can be difficult to wear in a corporate environment.

Get your accessories on point

Your choice of accessories is essential to transform a neutral outfit into fashionable and exciting work wear. You can bring a touch of colour to a black or navy ensemble with a new handbag. More importantly, if you want to vary accessories regularly, you can trust brands such as River Island, for instance, to find interesting alternatives for business occasions. Finally, as a professional woman, you need a choice of shoe-wear for every day. While black and nude pumps are classics; you also should invest in a quality pair of flats – brogues or loafers – and d’Orsay flats for long commutes.

Subtle makeup for a fresh look

More and more businesswomen have adopted the neutral makeup look because, unless you have a killer setting spray, mishaps are so easy. The last thing you want in an important meeting is for your client to be staring at your vibrant red lipstick- on your teeth! So, ultimately, an almost nude look is often for the best in an office environment, as seen here

Let your hair do the talking

What is the right hairstyle to look professional? You’ll be surprised to see that successful businesswomen prefer simple styles, such as a ponytail or long and sleek hair. The reasoning behind this style – or lack of styling as some would say – is that it shows that you’re here to work. Subtle styling is all it takes to show that your mind is focused on business only. Besides, every successful female entrepreneur is too busy to attempt elaborate hairstyles.

The professional appearance has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Professional women are expected to look polished but to value simple elegance over glamorous style. After all, you’ve got a career to lead. You don’t have the time to create a new outfit every day!



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