Making The Most Of Your Lounge

The lounge is also known as the family room for a reason; it’s where people spend most of their time in the home. Whether your lounge is centered around the TV, the fireplace or the masses of kiddie toys, you want to make the most out of the space. There are some great ideas that you can use to open up your lounge and make it feel more open and ready for anything.

Reduce Clutter

Decluttering your lounge will immediately make the room feel bigger. You can have a good old-fashioned spring clean, or you can use some really interesting storage options to tuck everything away. If you do have kids, who like to fill the space with toys, introduce a cleanup time before dinner to get everything packed away again.


Having multiple pieces of furniture can take up more space, so think about getting one big piece instead. A large corner sofa can seat as many people as a three-seater and a loveseat put together, while taking up less space. This will open up the room by the simple fact of removing a bulky item of furniture. You can do the same with side boards, shelving and TV stands – lump it all together into one big unit, and space will magically appear.


If you opt for carpets in your lounge, then choose a lighter colour. Be mindful that a lighter colour does require a bit more care if you own pets, but dark colours shrink a room. The same goes for an area rug – choose a lighter colour. An area rug also creates the illusion of space. Exposed floors also look great and work to open up the space, but can take a lot of upkeep, so think about karndean flooring instead, to give the illusion of exposed wood.

Doors and Windows

If you can, using full-length windows can open up any space, and you can have it facing the garden and introduce the outside to the inside. You can also take it one step further and use doors instead of windows. French doors allow you to literally open up the space to the outside.


Use spot lights and lamps to light up the corners of the room. The traditional light in the centre of the ceiling closes up the room by casting a shadow on the corner.


When choosing your colour scheme keep it light. You don’t have to go blindingly white, but softer colours will open up the space. If you like darker tones, then introduce that in the accessories of the room, like picture frames and cushions.


Plants dotted about the place can help to create a nice link between the outside and the inside of your house. Succulents are really in fashion right now and are great for adding a minimalistic touch into your lounge. They are also quite low maintenance, so they work for you with little to no effort.


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