Making Your Hair Last Longer Between Washes

There is such a thing as washing your hair too much. If you shampoo too regularly, you’ll strip your hair of its natural oils and proteins that help keep it healthy and conditioned. Washing too often, especially with a harsh shampoo, can also leave you with a dry and itchy scalp. If you struggle to make your hair last between washes then take a look at the following tips, they’ll help you to wash your it less frequently for healthier, happier hair.

Wash your hair properly

You might think that you’ve nailed the lather, rinse, repeat by now – but if you’re struggling to make your hair last longer than a day then you might need to rethink your shampoo technique. Learning to wash your hair the right way can help your hair stay cleaner for longer, boost condition and make it easier to style. Give some thought to your hair washing routine and see if it makes a difference to your hair.

Use the right products for your hair type

Oily or greasy hair is often the result of using the wrong products for your hair type. Some products are too heavy for your hair, which can make it flat and lifeless as well as gather at the roots. If your hair has been treated or relaxed you should look for lighter formulas that won’t weigh the hair down and help make it easier for you to style it. Try to use products that are sulphate-free, as these will help to keep your hair’s natural oils rather than stripping them like some products will do.

Stop playing with it!

When your hair looks and feels great, there will always be the temptation to run your hair through it. Even clean hands contain oils that can help to make your hair greasy, so make sure you put an end to unnecessary hair touching. Remember to wash your hands regularly and avoid your hair completely if you’re wearing hand cream. Your style will last much longer if you just leave it alone.

Use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a girl’s best friend. It can help your style to last longer and keep it smelling great. It’s also a handy trick for boosting the volume of your hair. There are some great dry shampoos available on the market today that are suitable for a range of different hair types and colours. Check out for some great information on how to use dry shampoo and some excellent product recommendations. It’s always worth keeping a small bottle in your purse to make those little touch ups throughout the day.

There are plenty of ways you can keep your hair looking fresh between washes that will benefit the condition of your hair and scalp. Try using updos, hats and scarves as a way to buy yourself a couple of extra days, and you’ll soon realise that it’s easier than you thought to wait longer between washes. Looking for some more great beauty tips? Click here for tips, news and reviews of all things beauty.


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